What Are The Cheaper Alternatives to Crittall Windows

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Crittall Windows

The term Crittall is sometimes used for metal, especially steel-framed windows.

However, the name Crittall is a registered Trademark, so only the doors and the windows made by the company can use the name. Crittall windows are very popular these days, 

You can easily recognize the Crittall style windows by their slim casements and modernist movements.

They are also available in an exclusive range of sizes and shapes. These windows come with a sharp and sleek look. 

However, if you are looking for cheaper alternatives to Crittall windows then this guide is for you.

Here, in this article, I am going to wrap together what is a Crittall window, and different cheaper alternatives to this kind of window.

So, just stay with me till the end!

What is a Crittall Window?

The Crittall windows were first manufactured in 1889 in the UK. Only the windows that are made by Crittall Windows Ltd. can legally be called Crittall.

However, rightly, or wrongly, this term is associated with black steel framed windows

These windows and doors are a popular choice for homeowners, designers, and architects.

Nowadays, it is available in a wide range of styles, designs, shapes, and sizes. Thanks to its sleek and industrial designs, Crittall designs gained huge popularity over the years. 

However, because of their high price range, many homeowners can not get thus brand. So, they look for other cheaper Crittall windows alternatives.

Cheaper Alternatives To Crittall Windows:

Crittall Windows

#1. Steel look Aluminium Windows:

Collin’s Sash Windows is one of the biggest suppliers of steel-look Aluminum Windows.

In fact, their windows are one of the biggest sellers after Crittall windows. With so many sales, their experience is great in providing the customers with the awesome designs they need.

Their steel-look Aluminium windows are a type of high-performance aluminium glazing system, and these windows are designed for both residential and commercial purposes.

These windows are known for their high thermal performance, durability, aesthetics, and security.

Aluminium windows are one of the best solutions for homeowners who are looking to maintain the character and integrity of their homes.

Aluminium windows are the popular choice for many homeowners who are looking to maintain the character and integrity of their homes.

Collin’s sash windows are one of the best alternatives to Crittal Windows. If we compare the costs then we can see a huge difference is there among the prices.

Crittall windows cost about 2,700 Pounds per Sq m., it do not come in cheap. 

On the other hand, the average cost of Collin’s sash window is 315 to 1,615 Pounds per window. It is quite affordable.

2. Smarts Alitherm Heritage Doors and Windows:

Ancient steel windows can rust. Replacing Crittall Windows can be the most cost-effective solution. here comes Smarts Alitherm Heritage Doors and Windows system.

The windows from the company are carefully designed to closely replicate the proportions and detail of an original Crittall frame. 

The windows from The Smarts Alitherm Heritage Doors and Windows ranges both feature slim profiles and sight lines. However, these windows are timeless elegance.

These designs are also accompanied by the outstanding thermal performance of a modern aluminium system. 

The heritage windows are elegant, secure, and efficient and these are crafted with the expert team. These pieces are ideal for conservation areas, new-built commercial and domestic properties, and refurbishment. 

It costs on average 600 to 2,500 Pounds per piece of window. It is quite affordable for almost every homeowner. 

3. Aluco Aluminium Windows:

The Aluco aluminium windows collection is inspired by industrial, and traditional steel windows. These pieces are highly sought-after heritage, Scandi-style, and Art-Deco style.

By combining cutting-edge technology with craftsmanship and artisan designs, they make striking but minimalist metal frames. These windows feature slim sightlines and iconic grid-like designs. 

the style of the Aluco windows ranges from contemporary to classic heritage. These classic windows have the ability to completely transform a home, letting in more light and creating luxury spaces.

The cost of an Aluco window is 500 Pounds each. So, you can see that it is quite affordable for everyone. 


What is the best alternative to Crittall?

Ans: Aluminium has plenty of advantages over steel, but I am not saying that steel is not a good choice. However, in many ways, aluminium can be the best option to choose for a home or a workplace. 

Why are Crittall windows so expensive?

Ans: Producing Crittall-style steel windows is vastly labor-intensive and it requires plenty of manual labor. Also, there is a huge amount required for the preparations of hardware and handles, weather stripping, and glazing.

What is the cheaper alternative to Crittall windows?

Ans: If you are searching for one of the best Crittall windows options, you can go forward with uPVC. uPVC is a strong, durable, secure, and even recycled plastic material that you can choose from. uPVC also improves the energy efficiency of a building.


Crittal Windows is famous for its elegant black metal frame with horizontal bars. But, Crittall windows come at a higher price that everybody can’t afford.

So, if you are in search of one of the best cheaper alternatives to Crittall windows then here is the solution.

Here, in this article, I have put together 3 top alternatives of it, and these options come with an affordable rate. 

Just pick one option from my list and add a charm to your home. Every option in my listings is both versatile and elegant.

Everyone will be amazed at its timeless beauty, decor, and brightness as it lets more sunlight enter your home.