Cheap Backyard Makeover Ideas: How Do I Turn My Backyard into an Oasis on a Budget?

Editor Niki

Cheap backyard makeover ideas

The backyard is the next big area of your house that you will love to decorate. It is the lifeline of any party or special day.

Genuinely, I devoted hours to planning a perfectly curated backyard a few months back. It was after I bought my new house in Oxford.

It was challenging to get the decoration I wanted within my budget. Therefore, I was looking for cheap backyard makeover ideas

Fortunately, I got quite a few of them and every one of them seemed quite fascinating. Just like the front of your house, it is essential to take care of your backyard too.

Moreover, you need to utilise it for several occasions like a barbeque party, a birthday bash, or any other house party. So, ensure your backyard looks stunning, appealing, and distinguishing. 

I am going to share the top ideas to give a new look to your backyard.

You can spend some “Me time” too, in this peaceful part of your house. Know how to decorate it appropriately for a pleasing makeover. 

Turning Your Backyard in an Oasis

Your simple and boring backyard can become an oasis. Indeed, it is possible if you believe in creativity and smart moves for a splendid outcome.

There are hundreds of cheap backyard makeover ideas. They can truly bring a big smile to your face.

Moreover, during the scorching summer days, spending some more time in your backyard feels like a relief.

Hence, select some soothing colours and shades to decorate the outside space. A backyard oasis can be in the form of a seating arrangement beside a lovely artificial fountain.

Furthermore, you can have a pool in the backside of your house, decorated with amazing lights. Choose the lights very wisely to give a magical feel to your backyard.

The lush green surroundings and some innovative decorations can transform a simple space into an attractive spot. You may also have a small garden and construct a swing for a lovely time. 

Want to know more such ideas? Please read this article and you will get numerous ideas. 

Best Ideas For Backyard Makeover

A transformation of your backyard can give your house a new look. Set a lovely trend with some innovative and cheap backyard makeover ideas.

Here are some of the best designs for your backyard. 

1. Chic Retreat Patio

Your patio is a fabulous space where you can invite more guests. A small grill and a few tables, and that’s it. Your space will be ready to have a small celebration. Just be a little creative and arrange for a compact area for lounging.

Place a small sofa or two or three chairs. Create a beautiful external kitchen top for the grills and barbeque. You can decorate the place with some small plants, shrubs, or bonsai. 

There should also be a selfie corner to take some amazing clicks. If you have pets, create a cute corner for them too. Of course, such a well-decorated patio can be your chic retreat on a lovely weekend. 

2. Customised Stock Tank Pool

Are you curious to give a fabulous look to your stock tank pool? A lovely panting can be an innovative approach. This can go very easy on your pockets. Even children can also participate in this lovely effort.

You decorate the pool with a cute flamingo and a pretty umbrella. The kids will feel enthusiastic while painting the stock tank pool as per their imaginations. 

According to some, it may be challenging to paint the internal part of a stock tank. However, it is a fun-filled activity. So, you can do it, if you genuinely love that.

On the other hand, to give a smooth coating to the outer portion of your tank, remove the oil coating. This will ensure that the new paint sticks well. You need to follow the steps correctly for spectacular paint. 

3. A California Cottage

This is a special project that you can request from your interior decoration specialist. Therefore, among the cheap backyard makeover ideas, this can be an appealing choice.

It can be a gradual updation of your home when you plan to plant numerous veggies and flowers in your backyard. A couple of chairs and an elegant table can adorn the place very well. 

Moreover, you can place artificial grass on the floor and create a lovely ambience. It is a simple and budget-friendly idea to decorate your backyard, just like a cottage.

There will be seats, a snack bar, a sloping ground for the balls, and a pleasant atmosphere. Give a little effort and you can turn a dull space into an interesting external space. 

4. A Moroccan Makeover

You can add a black pergola with a stylish finish, and a tiled floor to create a Moroccan retreat spot. Furthermore, the stencilled floor will give a unique feel with extraordinary furnishings.

Besides, you may decorate the place with your favourite plants. When you want entertainment, this can be the perfect spot. 

During winter, this backyard can be the ideal junction for a hot barbeque party. You may also create a feel of camping by going for a bonfire.

Attach some wooden poles for a lovely shade. Your rest house will be ready in one or two days. Although it will require some hard labour, the ultimate result will win your heart thoroughly. 

5. Farmhouse Garden

An outdoor living area combined with an impressive garden will give a marvellous feel. A farmhouse is a retreating place where you spend your holidays or vacations.

What about enjoying a separate space without shifting to any other location? Are you sceptical to know that? A farmhouse garden will resolve your issue within minutes. 

Create an orchard, plant some flower plants, and have a lovely portico to make the space look more decorative. Of course, there will be perfect seating arrangements on both sides. A perfect morning will be a cup of coffee, a book or newspaper in your hands, and a cosy posture on the sofa.

That is indeed a brilliant picture to spend your weekends or vacation. A small abode of nature can enhance your mood, undoubtedly. 

6. Makeover For One Weekend

You can change the arrangement of your backyard only for one weekend. Indeed, it is possible if you add a huge and beautifully painted cardboard to set the background.

You can also place wooden fences for a spectacular look at the whole space. An unused area can turn into a lovely place to celebrate your day. 

This is a fabulous DIY creation where you can settle down in a compact and cosy place.

A few comfortable chairs, a central bonfire, and the meadows will establish a perfect weekend destination in your comfort zone.

Shift to this amazing area, whenever you throw a party. So, it can be a one-day transformation within your budget. 

7. DIY AirBNB Reveal

Have you ever thought of creating another small living space just outside your house? You will feel much pleasure while doing this DIY project. You can level the backyard and measure the perimeter.

However, it will require hauling of considerable amount of dirt to ensure a lovely space. Fencing around the property is always recommended for additional safety.

Moreover, give a new paint to the outer portion of your house. To hang out with your buddies, place some cosy sofa and cushions, and arrange for a musical ambiance.

This can be a fabulous place to play with your fluffy companions too. So, this will be a DIY Airbnb, where you find your backyard to be plush and extremely attractive. Undoubtedly, it will be a go-to place for your friends. 


What is the main purpose of a backyard?

A backyard is a spacious living area, that divides your house from your neighbour’s. You can utilise this space for throwing a party or having an enjoyment with the family. You may also enjoy some private moments by lighting a bonfire. 

Can I enclose my backyard?

Yes, you can enclose the backyard for a temporary period. Transform it into a proper living room for one day, and enjoy yourselves. 

Can I create a backyard garden?

Yes. Creating a garden in your backyard is also a pocket-friendly idea. Add some amazing plants and give a natural look to this external area of your house. 


The cheap backyard makeover ideas will help you create a favourite corner in your house. Therefore, spend a relaxing evening, especially during summer, in your backyard. A special paint, some wooden constructions, a few chairs, a cosy sofa, cushions, a bonfire, or a tea table- all of these call for instant attraction. 

You can hire a professional to create a Chic retreat on your patio or turn your unused space into a lovely space for a party for one day. Showcase your creative skills by going for the DIY Airbnb model or customising the stock tank pool. It will be more fun when you include the children in these endeavours. 

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