What is the Difference Between Reeded Glass Door and Ribbed Glass?

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Difference Between Reeded Glass Door and Ribbed Glass

When it comes to doors, many homeowners will be surprised to know that there are several types of glasses available in the market.

Each type has its own features, texture, properties, and functionality. However, some of the best kinds of glasses that are quite popular as interior are reeded glass and ribbed glass. 

From reeded glass to ribbed glass, many homeowners will be confused about which one goes perfectly with their home.

So, to help you out, here, I am going to describe the difference between a reedbed glass door and a ribbed glass door. 

So, just stay with me till the end of this article!

What is Reeded Glass?

Reeded glass is a patterned decorative piece and it is semi-obscure. That means light can pass through the glass but it is redirected.

So it is impossible to see the object on the other side of the glass. So, this kind of glass provides an elementary of privacy.

The reeded glass introduces visual interest as it diffuses light. 

This style is quite popular for workplaces prioritizing privacy. And also perfect for modular glass walls, partitions, doors, divisors, and more.

What is Ribbed Glass?

Ribbed glass is also known as fluted glass. You can recognize ribbed glass through its vertical, radius convex shape.

This kind of glass is highly popular among architects and interior designers because it adds texture to a living space while diffusing light.

It is one of the latest interior design trends among both residential and commercial properties.

This decorative glass piece is crafted with smooth vertical patterns that offer an elegant combination of visibility and privacy.

Features of Reeded Glass Doors:

  • The versatile and timeless appearance of reeded glass doors offers beauty and charm to the space. Also, it promotes light while retaining privacy. 
  • It comes with a standard thickness that is from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch, and this kind of glass is suitable for modular glass walls, doors, and windows as well.
  • Its ripple-like appearance offers decorative branding and privacy to privacy-centric areas like our home.
  • float manufacturers press glass between metal rollers to get the “reeded” pattern. 
  • Then the manufacturer performs various methods such as cutting, shaping, edging, and polishing it in various designs and specifications
  • reeded glass is suitable for doors because it will not leave any holes, marks, and scratches upon removal. 

Features of Ribbed Glass Doors:

  • Since the ribbed glass surface has concave and convex patterns, it can effectively block the lines of sight from the outside of the door.
  • It will not affect light entry.
  • It refracts light regularly along the concave and convex vertical lines, so it will create a hazy beauty.
  • It does not have any strong style of attributes, so it can adopt any design of styling. 
  • It can appear in various spaces in different styles.
  • Its unique beauty enhances the beauty of the space.
  • there are clear ribbed glass and ultra clear ribbed glass. The clear ribbed glass is green. on the other hand, the ultra-clear glass is whiter.

How does the Reeded Glass work with your door?

The Reeded glass doors use patterned glass. When you touch your doors, you can feel the stripes of the glass.

Reebed glass comes with a fussy, and frosted surface. Because of defocusing, the reflected light on the other part of the glass becomes more hazy and beautiful.

If you use reeded glass on internal doors then the space with side benefits from both light and privacy. 

How Does The Ribbed Glass Work With Your Door?

 Ribbed glass, if paired with aluminum frames, creates a unique interior design for any space. Doors with ribbed glass becoming a design trend within the United Kingdom as well as the USA.

If you desire to enter most of the sunlight inside your home then just go forward with a ribbed glass door.

Ribbed glass door allows to creation of open-plan rooms, so the daylight can continuously flow all through your room.

You can install a ribbed glass door in central vertical panels for a slightly obscured view.

Reeded or Ribbed Glass Door: How to decide

Are you looking for a more vintage look in your home?

Then, personally, I can suggest that you should not wait more to have the ribbed texture in both interior design and product design. 

With mid-century modern roots, the ribbed texture is still in style. It is a timeless beauty and enhances the beauty and charm of any space.

Its clean lines also seamlessly integrate with other materials such as aluminum, wood, or stainless steel.


What is another name for Ribbed Glass?

Ans: Fluted glass is a kind of patterned glass, and it is also named ribbed glass.

What is the meaning of a ribbed glass door?

Ans: Ribbed glass can be identified with vertical grooves. it is sometimes also referred to as textured glass. Ribbed glass doors are very popular among interior designers since they add texture to the space.

What is a Reeded Glass Door?

Ans: Reeded glass door is an amazing decorative piece that many interior designers look for. Its ripple appearance offers decorative branding and privacy to privacy-centric spaces such as homes.

What is the benefit of a Ribbed glass door?

Ans: Ribbed glass boasts a convex, and curve-like outward appearance to enhance natural lighting and maintain privacy.

What does reed glass look like?

Ans: reeded glass is a semi-obscure and patterned glass design that you can temper if required. 


Well, if you have any doubts regarding choosing the best glass door for your interior, then just go through my article.

Here, in this article, I have covered all the differences between a reeded glass door and a ribbed glass door. 

Choose the perfect decorative glass door that perfectly suits your needs and interior. Make your home an elegant, and cozy space to enjoy!