10 Tips on how to stop cats from pooping in the garden

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stop cats from pooping in the garden

Are your cats creating a nuisance in the garden? Stop running after them and eliminate the tiredness of cleaning the lush green patch frequently.

There are few methods about how to stop cats from pooping in the garden. You have to keep patience while dealing with these cute creatures. 

It becomes very problematic when stink starts coming from your well-decorated garden. The secret behind this is the poop of your cat. Of course, it can also be your neighbor’s. Indeed, it is a serious issue which you need to treat immediately.

There are specific rules and conditions related to neighbors’ cat pooping in my garden UK law. Hence, please make it a point to keep your garden tidy and free from the defecation of the cats. 

Here are a few tips which you can follow in this respect. 

Understanding Cat Behaviour

While you are formulating reasons about how to stop cats from pooping in the garden, you have to understand their natural instincts.

If your cat is already trained, then this kind of behaviour is due to some specific reasons. Pooping outside can be an effect of extreme stress or other medical problems.

Furthermore, your cat can have litter box aversion. This implies that it does not like the litter box and tries to avoid it at all costs.

So, they tend to poop outside it, which automatically makes your garden untidy. It is also unhygienic to keep your garden full of cat poops. So, determine your cat’s behaviour and take the correct measures to stop it immediately. 

One primary reason for this behaviour is territory marking. Most animals have this instinct to mark their territory. They try to differentiate their own region from the others, thus creating a separate area for themselves.

This also enhances an animal’s fitness. Cats also fall into this category and mark their specific territories to feel safe and homely.

After marking the home area, they tend to pee or poop inside it. Hence, your garden can be a good target space for them. 

10 Tips on How to Stop Cats from Pooping in the Garden

Want to learn all the steps regarding how to stop cats pooping in your garden? Here are the best 10 tips to guide you correctly. 

Environmental Modifications

If you want your cat to poop inside the washroom, you need to have proper modifications for the environment. 

A. Selecting cat-repellent plants

Please always adopt cruelty-free methods. Choosing the cat-repellent plants is one such way. Many plants generate a pungent or unpleasant smell.

As a result, they do not attract the cats and keep them away from the garden. Therefore, you can select plants like lavender, coleus canina, curry leaves, etc. 

B. Installing motion-activated deterrents

You can install motion-activated deterrents to repel the cats. Some herbs or dried rue can magically prevent the cats from coming to the garden or yards. A few substances that act as strong deterrents include ammonia, citrus scents, garlic, pipe tobacco, eucalyptus, and others. 

C. Mulching alternatives

Mulching alternatives can also help in preventing the cats from entering the garden. Some examples include grass, straw, pine needles, compost, wood, leaves, etc. 

DIY Repellants

You can go for various DIY repellants to ensure a cleaner garden devoid of all the cats’ poop. 

A. Citrus-based sprays

These sprays have a sweet fragrance. However, this can be irritating for your cat. As a result, your cat will avoid places with such substances. 

B. Vinegar Solutions

You can use vinegar solutions in addition to the sprays. These are delicate for your fluffy friend. However, please ensure that the solutions do not enter the cats’ ears, eyes, or noses. 

C. Coffee Grounds as a deterrent

Your cats will not enter your garden when coffee is present. The strong aroma will make them uneasy.

Take some wet coffee grounds and sprinkle them around your garden. Moreover, coffee grounds can enrich your soil. 

Creating Physical Barriers

You may opt for physical barriers to stop your cat or any outdoor cat from entering the garden area.

A. Installing Chicken Wire or Mesh

You can install mesh or chicken wire around the plants. It is like a fence that a cat will not cross. These are cost-effective solutions to enclose your cat’s area and work brilliantly to prevent your cat’s movements. However, this idea works better with a smaller area. 

B. Elevated Garden beds as a preventive measure

In case of a larger garden area, you must go for elevated garden beds. These raised beds also help in proper fencing to protect your garden from several external threats.

Therefore, along with the cats, the elevated garden beds will also help in preventing pest infestation. 

Providing a Dedicated Area

When you are determined to select ways of how to stop cats from pooping in the garden, please provide a dedicated area to help your innocent pet. 

A. Designing a Cat-Friendly Space

Ensure you design a space with elevated surfaces. This will help your cat have a playful time jumping and climbing. Moreover, you may also specify a particular point in the garden to support the cats’ climbing of trees. 

B. Little Box Placement Tips

Do you want your cat to engage in their activities in peace? Please arrange for little boxes. Instead of crowding the boxes, you can place them at a certain distance.

The cats will be happy to stroll around, jump and play happily. Furthermore, they will be confined to one region for pooping also.

The placement should be in a quiet place of your house. However, please avoid a compact area or closet for keeping the boxes. 

Using Scent Aversion

A. Implementing Natural Repellants

To prevent cat harm, it is better to use natural repellants. You can use citrus or lemon extracts, vinegar, coffee grounds, mustard, etc. 

B. Essential Oils That Deter Cats

Cats are very sensitive to the scents of essential oils. Therefore, to prevent its movements in the garden you may odourful oils like lavender, peppermint, wild orange, eucalyptus, etc. 

Water as a Deterrent

A. Using Sprinklers with Motion Sensors

You use water as a deterrent for the cats. There will be sprinkles with motion sensors. They will activate whenever the cat comes within the infra-red fields. Hence, the animals will avoid the area from the next time. 

B. Creating A Water Feature Cats Dislike

Many cats do not prefer any water body, fountain, or sprinklers beside their food. Therefore, you may place any of these water features to stop it from pooping your garden. 

Secure Waste Disposal

A. Properly Disposing of Cat Feces

You must be careful when disposing of your cat’s faeces. Please use a biodegradable bag and tie its mouth well. Ensure you put the bag in proper garbage disposal area to avoid fines. 

B. Regular Cleaning Routines

Use a little box to allow your catty to urinate or poop. Please clean it at least twice a day, regularly, for a tidy environment. Remove the urine-soaked clumps or clean the poops for keeping the box odour free. 

Seeking Professional Help

A.  Consulting with a Veterinarian

If your cat is not listening to you or continuing to poop outside, please consult a vet. Often, this can be due to stress or other health problems. 

B. Hiring a Professional Pest Control Service

You may also hire a professional pest control service to clean your gardens and yards free from pests. However, the strong sprays and watering can stop your cats also from entering the garden for pooping. 

Engaging the Community

A. Communicating with Neighbours about Outdoor Cats

Please discuss if your neighbour’s cat is causing any nuisance or the outdoor cats are the reason for hampering your garden. Communicating with neighbours can often lead to suitable solutions for the problems.

However, if the neighbour is stubborn and does not listen to your issues, please get in touch with the animal control office in your area. 

B. Community-driven Solutions

You can also seek support from the community-driven solutions for how to stop cats pooping in your garden. It is a wise decision to create proper community space to ensure a safe stay for the outdoor cats.

You may keep a proper litter box and regularly feed the creatures. Discuss with your neighbours in this respect and take a suitable step. 

Monitoring and Adjusting Strategies

A. Keeping track of the effectiveness of implemented solutions

After you arrange for a tidy and safe space for the cats, ensure that the solutions are working fine. Monitor the developments and make modifications when necessary. 

B. Making necessary adjustments

Tracking only the effectiveness of solutions will not be enough. You should verify whether they are appropriate and do not disturb others. Make the necessary adjustments to ensure a friendly living environment with the cats. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I differentiate between territorial marking and normal behavior?

Determining whether your pet is marking its territory or behaving normally may be confusing. However, observe your cat and check whether it is marking the territory by urinating. One of the major causes behind this is stress.

On the other hand, if you observe that it is not at all ready to poop in the litter box, it is better to consult a vet. If your cat is not showing any peculiar activities, it is a sign of normal behaviour. 

2. What if my neighbor’s cat is the culprit?

You must be aware of neighbors’ cat pooping in my garden UK law to keep your garden clean. Although there are no specific rules, every cat owner has a responsibility to take care of what his pet is doing.

You can take the help of the nuisance laws of the UK when your neighbour’s cat is the culprit. The cat owner should take appropriate steps to prevent their pets from damaging others’ property. 

3. Is it harmful to use commercial cat repellents?

Reading the composition well before using any commercial cat repellent is essential. Many of them contain toxic substances that can harm your cat.

Therefore, choose cat repellent sprays with strong fragrances. They are usually harmless and quick solutions to keep your garden cat-free. 

4. How often should I clean the designated cat area?

You must clean the designated cat area regularly. Cleaning the spot will ensure a ringworm-free environment.

Furthermore, if your pet is peeing or pooping in the garden or yard, immediate cleaning is a must. Stay protected from the germs by regularly cleaning your cat area. 


Maintaining a cat-free garden is important if you want to protect your plants. Moreover, it is also essential to keep your garden free from the stinks and poops. Please adopt appropriate measures to ensure a tidy space without harming innocent creatures. 

This list on how to stop cats from pooping in the garden will undoubtedly help you in suggesting better ideas. However, ensure that the cats can stay harmoniously with you without causing any nuisance. Prepare a litter box, or try to determine their problems to prevent them from pooping outside. You may also take the assistance of a vet in this regard.