Discover the 10 Top Carpet Stores in London- Expert Recommendations

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Carpet Stores in London

A carpet is among many accessories that can add a different look to your home, so let’s find out the best Carpet Stores in London.

There are plenty of carpet stores in London that offer carpets at affordable prices, so you can find a carpet that perfectly suits your taste and preferences.

To help you find the best carpet, we are going to compile the top 10 carpet stores in London. Here, in this article, we discuss why to choose London’s best carpet stores.

The ultimate carpet buying guide, maintenance tips for your new carpet, and visit London’s 10 premier carpet stores today. 

So, let’s explore the list of the top 10 carpet stores in London!

Why choose the best carpet stores in London?

Simply altering your old carpet in your house with a newer one will surely give your home a quick facelift. That is why you need to be very careful while choosing the best carpet for your home.

Trying to DIY carpet fitting idea seems to not be a good idea as it can waste your money and time. If you do not have enough skills to choose the best quality carpet for your home then you must look for expert recommendations. 

There are various reasons to choose London’s best carpet stores.

  • While you walk through your room with a new carpet fitted, it will be very charming and exciting. It is very important to cut the edges of the carpet appropriately, so a reputed carpet store will help you in the way. 
  • Most of the renowned carpet outlets in London offer carpets at a reasonable price to outshine their competitors. So, professional fitters will help you to cover the entire area of your home using the least amount of carpet. So, you don’t need to compromise with the visual appeal even when you have a tight budget.
  • Approaching a quality carpet shop in London is an economical option.
  • Even the most expensive carpet can have a tatty and shabby look if the fitting is not done accordingly. So a professional carpet fitting company will help you to have the right fitting near the doorways and the edges of the rooms. thus, you can get a clean, even, and smooth look of your carpet. It will add a smoother appearance if the piles run in the right direction after being laid.

Top 10 Carpet stores in London:

1. Carpetright:

Carpet Stores in London
Image- Carpetright

Address: Unit 1B, southernwood Retail park, 2 Humphrey St, London SE1 5JJ, United Kingdom

Carpetright is one of the best carpet retailing shops that offers a huge range of styles, varieties, and colour options of carpets. It provides plenty of tools that help you pick out the ultimate style of covering your floors.

From a flooring visualizer to four free samples that will be delivered to your home. This carpet shop offers free home visits for consultation regarding designs. 

Carpetright even offers a price guarantee and remains competitive with its competitors in London, so you can always get the carpets at the right price.

You can choose from elegant high-plush styles where you can sink your toes, to robust carpet designs that remain excellent for years of high football. 

2. John Lewis:

Carpet Stores in London
Image- Daily Mail

Address: 171 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NN, United Kingdom

The department store comes with almost everything to decorate your floors including carpets. John Lewis offers a wide range of carpets to add warmth and dimension to your home.

From various twists, and loops, to 100 per cent wool options to velvets, there are piles of options to choose from. 

If you desire to make your carpet a feature, then you can head to the John Lewis outlet to find the best carpet for your home. 

3. Tapi:

Image- Tapi carpets

Address: 1a Spur Road, London, Essex, BR6 0PH, United Kingdom

You can find all sorts of carpets in Tapi to decorate your floors at home. from woven, twisted, grey, blue, brown, Saxony, patterned, or stripped; everything you can get under a single roof.

You just think of a carpet style and you will get that in Tapi. 

There is a range of animal print carpet options available at this store for statement seekers. You can choose carpets by colour, and your room’s suitability.

Also, Tapi offers discounts on every purchase. So, if you want to think of carpet shops near me then you can head to this carpet shop. 

4. ScS:

Image- ScS

Address: 3B, Staples Corner Retail Park Geron Way London, Essex NW2 6LW

If you think there are all sofas in ScS then you must think again. The store has a section of carpets with plenty of guides to help you choose the right product for your home.

The guidance will help you all through the browsing, measuring, and fitting procedure. 

So, if you are looking for a new carpet for your home that can bring a charm to your room then do not look further than ScS.

Also, there are a wide range of carpet collection for your stairs, longe, and hallways. Just choose according to your personality, room size, and your taste.

5. Wilsons Carpet Shops:

 Wilsons Carpet Shops
Image- Wilsons Carpets

Address: 2 Nevinson Cl, London SW18 2TF, United Kingdom

Wilson’s Carpet Shop is one of the largest independent flooring retail shops. They offer a huge range of contemporary and traditional carpets in every style, colour, and budget across all their stores.

All the carpets they offer with the Wilsons lowest cheapest price promise that ensures you will get the best possible deal. 

They provide a range of carpet options that include twist, Saxony, loop, patterned, budget, and more. This carpet retailer bears a fantastic reputation for friendly service and fair prices.

The delivery of the carpet is free if you want to take advantage of their fitting service. So, do not look further than this shop to have the best look of your home.

6. Carpet Giant:

Carpet Stores in London
Image- Carpet GIANT

Address: Unit 2 Meridian Trade Center, Bugsby’s Way SE7 7SW, United Kingdom

Carpet Giant is one of the largest carpet warehouses in Southwest among the best carpet stores in London. They have a wide range of luxurious carpet collections that perfectly suit every room size, floor size, and design.

This is one of the great carpet stores in London that makes your new floor decorating as easy as possible. They provide free home consultation service and carpet fitting services by their in-house team.

Whatever room you are working on, you can find the best flooring at this shop at a reasonable price rate.

From Saxony to loop, to patterned, to twist; you can find a range of collections that suit your taste and preferences. So, just make a call to this shop and install your new carpet at your home right now!

7. Carpets Direct:

Carpets Direct
Image- Yell

Address: Carpets Direct South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 5QH

Carpets Direct is one of the best carpet shops in London that deals in high-quality floorings to design your floor at the very lowest rate.

They offer a wide range of carpets that include contract patterned carpets, commercial contract carpets, natural carpets, plain or wool carpets, striped carpets, and more.

You can also get an extensive range of patterns, textures, colours, designs, and style options under a single roof.

So, if you desire an instant makeover for your flooring then do not look further than this carpet shop in London.

In addition, they also provide fitting service, and cleaning services so that your floors can have a great finishing and remain the same for a long.

8. Carpet 4 Less:

Carpet 4 Less
Image- Business Yab

Address: Units 10/11, Deacon Trading Estate, Cabinet Way, South Chingford, London E4 8QF, United Kingdom

Carpet 4 Less is a carpet factory outlet that provides an extensive collection of quality carpets to give you the best possible choice. In-store, you can choose from hundreds of room-sized remnants or roll-on to take way on the day.

Also, you can make a selection from their exclusive range of sampling and can order as per your requirements.

The carpets are constructed with 100% pure wool and the wool is mixed to the latest strain-free and strain-resistant modern fibres.

They have an exclusive range of modern styles, contemporary designs, and indulgent colour options that complement your room settings.

The collection includes a budget cord, twist, Saxony, loop pile, and more. So, do not look further than this London carpet shop!

9. CWJones Carpets:

 CWJones Carpets
Image- www. cwjfloorings. co. UK

Address: CWJones Carpet & Flooring Ltd., 10 Vale Lane, off Hartcliffe Way, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 5RU

CWJones Carpets is one of the largest carpet showrooms in the United Kingdom. This carpet shop offers the largest catalogue of carpets. You can expect a hassle-free carpet shopping experience under a single roof.

Their staff will visit your home to get the right measurements of your floor so that you can have a flawless and smooth makeover of your home.

CWJones carpets stocks all types of carpets from Loop Pile, Saxony, and Twist carpets. Also, from design to installation, they offer the complete service to get the right floor decorating.

They offer a large selection of carpets that perfectly suit every budget and taste.  So, just visit this London carpet shop to complete your carpet needs under one roof.

10. Upper Street Carpet & Flooring 

Upper Street Carpet & Flooring
Image- www. upperstreetcarpetandfloorings. co. UK

Address: 184 Upper Street, Islington London, N1 1RQ

Upper Street Carpet & flooring is a one-stop carpet shop that offers a wide range of flooring services. The collection of carpets presents a world of luxurious and fantastic solutions for your home.

You can re-style your home with their exclusive collections, inspiring designs, and opulent colours. They will help you to get the right carpet that satisfies your specific needs.

You can visit the outlet to experience the warmth and softness of the full range of carpets available. You can explore their catalogue to choose the perfect carpet for your home and office.

Their collection includes Twist, loop Pile, Saxony, and more. They also offer high-quality brands such as Riviera, alternative flooring, jacaranda, and more. 

The Ultimate Carpet Buying Guide:

When you want to shop for a new carpet for your room, the most crucial factor that you need to consider is what type of carpet you are going to buy.

Different carpets suit different areas, and some are specially designed for stairs and kitchen areas. There are also various styles and designs to suit the dining room or the living room.

To help you choose the right carpet for your home, we are providing a few tips to consider:

1. Measure Twice, Purchase Once

Before embarking on your carpet journey, measure your space accurately. This ensures you select the right size and avoids the hassle of returns.

2. Consider Traffic Flow

Think about the foot traffic in the area where the carpet will be placed. High-traffic zones may require a durable and stain-resistant option.

3. Embrace Texture Variety

Explore different textures to add depth and dimension to your space. From plush to flatweave, London’s top carpet stores offer a plethora of options.

4. Seek Professional Advice

Don’t hesitate to seek advice from the experts at these stores. Their knowledge can guide you in choosing the perfect carpet based on your lifestyle and preferences.

5. Check for Certification

Ensure that the carpet meets quality standards and has relevant certifications. This guarantees a long-lasting and safe addition to your home.

6. Explore Online Reviews

Take advantage of online reviews to get insights into the experiences of other customers. This can guide you in selecting a store known for quality products and excellent service.

Different carpets suit different areas and different TYPES OF CARPET.

Woven Carpet:

Woven carpets are constructed using the loomed method. The looped method is a traditional method of making carpets.

Woven carpets are made from either pure wool or blend of wool, or nylon. Patterns are also woven into carpets instead of printed onto them. 


Tufted carpets are the most popular ones and that is because tufted carpets provide excellent value.

Tufted carpets do not have the same quality as the woven carpets. Also, tufted carpets come in a wide range of finishes. These carpets are also springy.

Loop Pile:

Loop pile carpets use loops of yarns, also these piles are very popular. loop pile carpets create a textured appearance and very authentic styling.

Loop pile carpets are appropriate for areas of high traffic. But you should keep in mind that this category is not suitable for homes with pets, especially dogs. Because cats and dogs can catch their claws on the loops.


patterned carpets are very hard-wearing and come with a velvet finish. So, patterned carpets provide an elegant look to your home.

These carpets are an excellent way to disguise stains, so they will be a better option for the living room and dining room.


Twist carpets are the most popular style of tufted carpets. These carpets are constructed using a cut-pile technique using twisted fibres.

These carpets come with a coarse finish and create a more textured surface. twist carpets also can either be plain or heathered. 

Maintenance Tips for Your New Carpet:

Carpets are very luxurious and cosy accessories for your home. You must put some time into taking care of your carpet so that it can look new all the time.

Also, the proper care routine can extend the lifespan of your carpets. 

You can follow these below tips for quick and easy carpet care and maintenance.

Vacuum regularly:

One of the best things that you can do to keep your carpet looking new is to vacuum regularly. If you vacuum your carpets regularly. It will prevent soil and dirt from becoming embedded in carpet fibres.

For high-traffic areas, you need to vacuum twice a week and for low-traffic areas, you need to vacuum once a week.

Clean spills regularly:

If you have kids or pets, spills happen. So, you need to keep some of the best carpet cleaning supplies on hand so that you can clean up spills immediately.

While cleaning the stains of the carpets, blot, do not rub the stain. 

Have your carpet cleaned professionally once in a year:

You must keep in mind that you should clean up your carpet professionally once in 12 to 18 months. You can go forward with the steam cleaning method.

Although it seems to be costly to have your carpet cleaned professionally, you should not skip the step. It is one of the best methods that you can approach to keep your carpets looking like new.

Use a coin to remove furniture dents:

Heavier furniture can leave dents on your carpets and also can crush the piles. So, you need to move your furniture from time to time to prevent permanent crushing.

You can easily remove the dents by stroking the area with the edge of a coin. Alternatively, you can also use the ice cube to loosen carpet piles and fluff up the fibres.


Are These Stores Budget-Friendly?

Yes, these stores offer a range of options to suit various budgets. From affordable yet stylish picks to luxurious investments, you’ll find carpets that align with your financial plan.

Can I Request Customization?

Absolutely! Many of these stores provide customization services, allowing you to tailor the carpet to your specific requirements. Discuss your ideas with the experts for a personalized touch.

Do They Offer Installation Services?

Most top carpet stores in London offer professional installation services. Ensure to inquire about this option at the time of purchase for a seamless and stress-free experience.

Are Sustainable Options Available?

Yes, sustainability is a priority for several stores mentioned. Explore eco-friendly materials and practices when choosing a carpet that aligns with your environmental values.

What Makes London’s Carpet Market Unique?

London’s carpet market stands out for its blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary designs. The curated collections in these stores reflect the city’s diverse cultural influences.

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the longevity and appearance of your carpet. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consider professional cleaning services for a thorough refresh.


Carpets in your home can improve your indoor beauty by adding a touch of elegance to a space. So, if you desire to create a unique and different look to your home instantly then you can install new carpet onto your flooring. 

Here, in this article, we have enclosed every aspect of installing carpets at your home including the top 10 carpet stores in London. All of the above-mentioned carpet outlets are the best in their possible way.

So, visit any of the carpet shops on the list and have an entirely different look at your home right now!