7 Top Outdoor Kitchen Worktop Ideas

Editor Niki

Outdoor Kitchen Worktop

When you are keen to experiment with your culinary skills, the arrangement should also be lovely.

I genuinely believe that a clean and attractive countertop gives more energy to try something delicious. Accordingly, I always prefer stylish countertops for a decorative kitchen

The aroma of your dishes will be more as you set the countertop well. Even if it is the outside kitchen area for the backyard barbeque party, you should be cautious about the arrangements.

I will suggest some incredible outdoor kitchen worktop ideas for a satisfying experience. 

The outdoor countertop is not only the area to cook or place your food. It also defines the aesthetics of the kitchen space and lets your guests have a positive feeling.

They can be of concrete, granite, or many other other styles. Are you confused about how to create a compelling look for the outdoor kitchen?

Please follow this article for the top seven ideas to ensure a durable and elegant kitchen countertop. 

Top 7 Ideas for OUTDOOR Kitchen Worktop

Indulge in the vast ocean of tasty food by sorting your culinary results on the beautiful countertop. Check out the outdoor kitchen worktop ideas for cooking in a good mood. 

1. Concrete Countertop

This is a brilliant way of creating a customized look for the outdoor kitchen. Moreover, you should apply the perfect method to give an attractive shape to the worktop.

The two popular methods in this respect are the pre-cast technique and the pour-in-place technique. The first one involves shaping the top area in a workshop.

On the other hand, framing the countertop prior to using the concrete within the client’s place itself is the second method.

Furthermore, for the visual effects, you may choose some elegant textures or a polished look. The overall costs depend on various factors like concrete quality, the complexity involved, the nature of the project, the project size, etc. 

Project Cost: £300 to £400 per linear metre

2. Soapstone Countertop

Do you want to have a luxurious finish for your kitchen worktop? This variety will impress you, undoubtedly. Soapstone is preferred due to its subtle texture with a silky smooth appearance.

This is brilliant for a robust outdoor kitchen worktop due to its chemical composition and high resistance to heat. Moreover, it also helps to prevent decay due to bacteria or other stains. 

The sophisticated look ensures intricate detailing and thick slabs. However, the cost range will be higher as you include some customized shapes and additional finishing. 

Project Cost: £107 to £750 per linear metre 

3. Granite Countertop

Among the top outdoor kitchen worktop ideas, this is the most common and appreciated one. Furthermore, the cost is also low for the granite varieties compared to other types.

It is excellent in completing the kitchen with a sturdy countertop. Get incredible resistance from stains, heat, scratches, etc., and ensure quick cleaning. 

The natural stone lets you have a beautiful countertop with high-quality materials and marvellous designs. Please check with the local craftsman to develop and long-lasting granite countertop for your outdoor kitchen today. 

Project Cost: £220 to £450 per linear metre

4. Stainless Steel Countertop

Want something durable and within a low budget? Stainless Steel can be a fabulous idea to build the outdoor countertop.

Moreover, it can turn your outdoor kitchen into an aesthetically beautiful place. The installation is also effortless, as no sealing is necessary here. If cleanliness is at the top of your priority list, indeed, this is the most hygienic choice. 

However, please avoid direct exposure to sunlight when you are installing stainless steel countertops. They are porous and allow minimum customization. Usually, you can opt for an 18-gauge stainless steel with robust texture and great finish.

You can easily wash it and prepare the countertop for the next cooking adventure without spending much time. The costs are also reasonable and depend primarily on the grade of steel, quality, and customization choices. 

Project Cost: £120 to £170

5. Tile Countertop

Another possibility to decorate the outdoor countertops is selecting the tile countertop as the worktop idea. The interesting part is you can customize it in any style as per your preference.

There are different colour options to give a vibrant yet elegant look to the kitchen area. It lets you create a distinguishing look with endless creative ideas. 

For enhanced heat resistance, I will suggest porcelain tiles. Grout sealer is a must for better protective capacities as you design the outdoor kitchen.

Furthermore, you must take good care of the worktop and maintain the quality. Periodic examination and repairs will ensure better durability of the product.

The tiles are good absorbents of spilt liquids. Please choose the tiles wisely for a great impact. 

Project Cost: Approx. £200 to £500

6. Wood Countertop

The ambience of your outdoor kitchen will be more appealing as you use wood for the countertop. It invites amazing aesthetics and a moisture-free worktop.

However, you should use hardwood to protect the countertop from decay due to continuous use. Another essential initial monitoring of the overall condition is periodically to avoid staining.

Please invest funds for the annual sealing to ensure the durability of the wooden worktop suitable for the outdoor kitchen worktop ideas are;-

  • Cedar
  • Teak
  • Ipe, and others

The costs will vary according to the type of wood, size of the countertop, or any customization applicable. Therefore, if you want constant protection from moisture, please vote for a wood kitchen countertop. 

Project Cost: £315 to £395 per linear metre

7. Quartzite Countertop

Unique patterns for your outdoor kitchen countertop are available in the Quartzite worktop. It is an exceptional material, made primarily of sandstone.

Moreover, they look almost like marble and can provide high resistance to stains, and excessive heat. The cleaning process is also very simple. 

The impressive countertops will call for immediate attention with the incredible design, scratch-free body, and of course, thick slabs.

Quartzite countertops will undoubtedly make your outdoor kitchen look marvellous, making your backyard or lawn party a big hit.

The size, availability of the material, customization type, quality and type of the countertop, etc. determine the final cost of the project. 

Project Cost: Around £375 per square meter


I personally believe that kitchen countertops have a significant effect on the energy of a cook.

Furthermore, good surroundings with proper arrangements will help you come up with amazing culinary results. Therefore, it is crucial to apply some remarkable outdoor kitchen worktop ideas. 

The above ideas include building customized and appealing countertops from wood, granite, concrete, tiles, quartzite, soapstone, or stainless steel.

Figure out your budget and requirements first to choose the most suitable variety. The cost factor is the most major one among the different aspects of shaping up a kitchen countertop.

Therefore, consider all the primary points and analyze the characteristics of each variety. 

The pros and cons are there for every type. Pick a durable one that can give full protection to your outdoor kitchen. You should be conscious of the continuous exposure to heat and other weather conditions.

Your choice must reciprocate depending on nature’s mood. Please discuss the advantages of each idea with a specialist to determine the suitable worktop material.

Moreover, you can also compare the costs of the materials from different sources before finalizing the project work. 

Have a superb cooking journey ahead with the incredible aesthetics of the kitchen countertops!