What are the 7 best fly screens for doors in the UK?

Editor Niki

Best fly screens for doors

Insects are hard to beat in the summer season in the UK and the people living there have always tried to find ways to keep them out of sight.

But, do you know, doing the same has become super easy these days.

Thanks to the best fly screen for doors, you and your home’s indoor atmosphere can now breathe fresh air without any undue tension from the entry of disgusting mosquitoes, insects, and other pests inside your home. Interesting enough, isn’t it?

Might be thinking, is that too possible? If yes, then how to sort out the best type from the market? What about its installation and maintenance?

Don’t worry! We are here to answer everything you want about fly screens for doors. Wanna carry on with us? Okay, let’s go…

Fly Screen For Doors- What Is It And What Purpose Does It Serve? 

Flyscreen for doors is a great innovation to keep all those pests including mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, and other insects away from your home that enters your home from the doorway whenever your door remains open.

These insects usually come inside your home in summer as it is during this season that you keep your doors open to enjoy the rays of the sun and different natural sceneries.

They cannot enter your home in winter as the doors and windows are kept closed at that time because of the excessive cold outside. 

The best fly screen for doors serves two purposes at a time. It primarily acts as a barrier between your home and insects as it blocks the entrance pathway of the insects and keeps them away from your home’s indoor spaces. 

Secondly, it gives your home natural ventilation and helps the fresh outdoor air enter and circulate within your indoor spaces. So, you will get an airy and marvellous atmosphere within your home. 

Fly Screen Types

Fly screens for doors are of several types. Depending upon the doors you have in your home, you can buy the one that fits them best.

The fly screens for doors are found in retractable (flexible), magnetic, sliding, hinged, roller, chain link curtain, low rail, and panelled types. Each type of screen is installed, opened, and closed differently. 

Best Fly Screen For Doors – Materials

Door fly screens are either of mesh type or frame type. Those fly screens for doors that are of meshy type are usually made of fibreglass or polyester.

They are made in such a manner that they will not wear or tear even after rough use. They are durable.

The fly screens made of frame materials are usually strong and relatively more long-lasting than the meshed ones.

The materials used for constructing these types of fly screens are either aluminium/steel or Polyvinyl chloride. 

Flyscreen For Doors – Installation And Maintenance

Some flyscreens with DIY kits are easy to install and don’t require any professional help whereas the others are complicated and require professional help. 

​​​​​​The door flyscreens need periodic cleaning and maintenance so that the screen doesn’t get blocked by dirt and the fresh air flows within your rooms without any disturbance. 

What To Consider While Purchasing The Best Fly Screen For Doors?

  • Purchase a fly screen with higher mesh density to prevent even smaller insects from entering your house. 
  • Choose to buy UV-resistant fly screens for your doors to ensure the high durability of the substances. The materials of these types of fly screens don’t away easily even after getting exposed to sunlight for a long time. 
  • Always look out for customizable fly screens as these types of screens can be customized to fit any door you want, no matter what the size of your door is. 
  • Imagine which of the fly screens among the ones you find in the market is aesthetically great and complements your home best. Consider purchasing it for your door. 

Best Fly Screen For Doors – Advantages

  • You will not be susceptible to any insect-borne disease.
  • Gives you natural ventilation and comfort.
  • Saves your energy and thus reduces your electricity bill as with fly screens at your home, you will feel less requirement of putting your air conditioners on.  

7 Best Fly Screens for Doors According To Customer Reviews

1. Retractable Fly Screens

Wanna buy the best fly screen for doors that’s versatile? Then, a retractable or pleated fly screen is your ideal suit.

Use it whenever you need it and separate it from your door whenever you think your need is over. You can roll or pleat it and store it safely in your cabinet for future use.

No matter whether your door is single or double, retractable fly screens fit all types.

So, with a retractable fly screen, you get aesthetics paired with flexibility and comfort of use. 

2. Magnetic Fly Screens

A magnetic fly screen will serve as the best fly screen for doors for you if your requirement is effortless installation paired with awesome functionality.

Yes, this flyscreen comes with an easy installation guide and you may not need any professional help for its installation.

The best part is that this fly screen comes with magnetic closures and thus remains tightly fitted with your door.

So, indirectly it kills all chances of the entrance of insects within your home from all angles. You are wondering if it would be problematic for your entry and exit as well.

Not at all! The fly screen only screens out insects and gives humans easy access to their rooms.  

3. Hinged Fly Screens

Don’t want modern screening doors and would like to stick to the traditional hinged ones? Don’t worry, we have covered the traditional part as well and have something in our pockets for you too!

Yes, the hinged fly screens will serve your purpose by keeping it traditional. These sturdy and highly productive flyscreens act like conventional doors.

You can open and close them like normal doors, that we used to have in our houses. These types of flyscreens are bought mainly for entrance doors.

Always go for the model that comes with a customizable option. Using its adjustable hinges, you can customize and fit that fly screen to your door without much hassle.  

4. Roller Fly Screens

Looking for the best fly screen for doors that also saves your space? Then which other fly screen could we recommend to you other than the roller fly screen?

This type of flyscreen gives a great performance and is attached mainly to the doors of terraces and corridors.

The roller flyscreen comes with a roller mechanism that allows you to smoothly glide the screen up and down.

Before buying these types of screens, don’t forget to check out the smoothness of the roller mechanism. Roller fly screens are usually long-lasting.  

5. Panel Fly Screens

Panels can be cleaned without much effort. So, it would be wise to choose a panel flyscreen for your door over others in case you are a bit lazy with your household chores.

Being one of the best fly screens for doors, panel fly screen never fails to please you with its versatility and easy maintainability.

​​​​​​It comprises several panels. You can slide or fold them together whenever you want.

With these fly screens, you would never have to take tension about your door’s dimensions as they get fitted to doors of different sizes.  

6. Sliding Fly Screens

Do you have sliding doors at your house? Then, think no more and choose sliding fly screens for them.

These screens are the best fly screen for doors that are wide and slides horizontally.

However, don’t compromise with the choice of material while buying these screens as with durable material, you can make rough use of the doors.

7. Chain Link Fly Screens (Curtains)

Want to buy the best fly screen for doors that gives your doors a luxurious look? Then, the chain link fly screen may be what you’ve been searching for so long.

These flyscreens decorate your door extraordinarily and also keep all insects out of your house.

These kinds of screens offer easy entry and exit to humans without any problem. The maintenance charge for these screens is very low. So, they are a blending of style and expediency. 

Fly Screen For Doors – Miscellaneous Info

Fly Screens comes with different density and construction quality.

So, whenever you go to purchase a flyscreen, check out the density of its mesh fabric and its construction quality and only then proceed to buy the perfect (A-graded) and high-quality one for enjoying on your doors for a long length of time.

Also, don’t forget to go through the reviews of various customers for the product you choose to buy. It will make you know, how effective the product is.

Finally, don’t compromise with the installation process and if required, call a professional for help.  


1.  What is the best material for door screens?

Meshy aluminium fly screens are the best fly screens for doors if considered from the aspect of material quality. They are the best fit for sliding doors and windows. You can consider buying Charcoal screens/black aluminium screens to get maximum visibility.  

​​2. What is the most durable type of screen? 

Polyester-made flyscreens are the most durable kind of flyscreens. They give you every advantage that a fiberglass-made fly screen can give. These screens involve effortless installation and can be attached or removed flexibly.

The best part is that you will see no crease or debt on these screens even after using for many times. The superior durability of these screens makes them stand out from others. Polyester-made screens never get damaged as they are not susceptible to wear and tear (except the use of a knife or any other sharp object). 


So, we have discussed all the seven best fly screens for doors as per our knowledge. Which of the above do you think will fit on your door best? Choosing the right fly screen ensures that you get full benefit from it regarding –

  • Functionality.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Durability. 

Thus, evaluate your needs of the moment and choose the fly screens for your doors that will be a perfect fit for them.