How to Clean and Maintain Your Moroccan Tiles for Long-Lasting Beauty

Editor Niki

Clean and Maintain Your Moroccan Tiles

There is something about Moroccan tiles and their stylish patterns that adds a bold as well s vibrant touch to your home.

This is the reason behind the scene, why the usage of these tiles has surged over the years. Moroccan are preferred by homeowners who appreciate the diversity in the art and culture of various regions of the world.

The beauty of these tiles becomes luxuriant when you will blend them with the right interior decor. However, if you are already smelling the flavors of Moroccan tiles in your home then cleaning and maintaining these tiles is imperative. If you fail to do so then the oil and dirt can spoil their aesthetic beauty. 

Here, in this article, we are providing a few tips on how to clean and maintain your Moroccan tiles for long-lasting beauty. Stay tuned with us to enhance the beauty and longevity of your Moroccan tiles.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Moroccan Tiles: Do’s and Don’ts 

Cleaning and maintaining your Moroccan tiles is very important to preserve their beauty and longevity. Here, we are going to provide some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind when it comes to cleaning and maintaining Moroccan tiles.


How to Clean and Maintain Your Moroccan Tiles for Long-Lasting Beauty

1. Sweeping and dusting regularly:

To preserve the beauty and longevity of the Moroccan tiles, you need to keep your Moroccan tiles clean. You need to sweep and dust them on a regular basis with a soft broom or mop. This will remove dirt, debris, dust, and other particles that accumulate on the surface of the tiles.

2. Gentle Cleaning solution:

You can use a mild, herbal, or pH-neutral cleaning solution that is specially designed for cleaning the tiles.  You can follow the directions provided by the manufacturer, and dilute the solution. Then mop the tiles using a soft mop. Rinse the Moroccan tiles afterward with clean water to remove any residue.

3. immediate spill clean up:

You should clean up spills promptly to avoid staining. Blot the spill with a soft cloth or cotton towel and rub gently the area using a mild cleaning solution. You must avoid rubbing vigorously as it can spread the spill or can damage the tiles.

4. Sealants and Protective coatings: 

You can use sealant or protective coatings on your Moroccan tiles, especially in areas that are prone to moisture or heavy use. sealants protect the tiles from stains and you can easily clean them. To have the right type of sealant that is appropriate for your Moroccan tiles, you can consult with a professional.

5. Test before applying harsher cleansers: 

If it is essential to use a stronger cleansing solution or a stain cleaner then you must taste it on a small, inconspicuous area of your Moroccan tiles. This makes you realize that it doesn’t damage or discolor the surface of the tiles. 

6. Use a natural solution:

For regular cleaning, you can use a mixture of warm water and vinegar and rub gently with a soft piece of cloth.

7. Use vacuum cleaners:

To remove dust, debris, or other particles from the surface of your Moroccan tiles, you can use a vacuum cleaner. 


How to Clean and Maintain Your Moroccan Tiles for Long-Lasting Beauty

1. Harsh abrasives or cleansers:

You must avoid using harsh abrasives, beach, or acidic cleansers on the surface of your Moroccan tiles. These can scratch or damage the tiles and may strip away the glaze and alter the tile’s color.

2. Standing Water:

You should avoid letting the Moroccan tiles into the water pool for longer. It can seep into the grout and can damage the tiles. Wipe out excess water and you must be careful about the proper drainage in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchen.

3. Rough scrubbing:

You should not use rough scrubbers on the surface of the Moroccan tiles, as they can scratch or may dull the color of the surface. You can go forward with a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponges.

4. Wax or oil-based Products:

You should not use any oil-based products on your Moroccan tiles, as they create a much slippery surface and attract dirt and debris.

5. High-Pressure Cleaning:

You must avoid using intense washer jets or high-pressure washers for cleaning Moroccan tiles. The force of the water can damage the surface of the tiles.

Here, we are providing some extra tips that you can follow to maintain the texture, style, color, and aesthetic of your Moroccan tiles. Here are these few tips:


Use mats on the Door Ways to protect the Moroccan tiles:

Some tiny scratches arise on the surface of the tiles from people walking on the floor with small particles under their shoe soles. But you can easily avoid these scratches by placing a door mat on the doorways towards the floors where Moroccan tiles have been installed. Thus, the tiny particles will be deposited on the door mat before they reach the Moroccan tiles.

Fix Furniture with Gliders:

Dragging heavier furniture over the floor may cause uglier scratches on the surface of the Moroccan tiles. So, we recommend that you can fix all the furniture placed on the floor with appropriate gliders. Thus, they can not harm the surface of the tiles. Also, you should avoid placing too much heavier items on the floor where you have installed Moroccan tiles. As these heavier objects can increase the tension and the tiles can be cracked.

Do not drag heavier objects on the floors:

Dragging heavier objects over the floor may cause cracks or damage to the tiles. If you need to shift any object from one place to another then you should carry the item and then position it on the floor. Also, you should avoid walking with spiked-heeled shoes as it may cause scratches on the tiles.


Are Moroccan tiles durable?

Ans: Yes, Moroccan tiles are durable. Since they have made from natural materials such as stone, clay, and sand, they are durable. Also, they last longer than traditional tiles.

How can I keep my Moroccan tiles shiny?

Ans: You can mix a small amount of baking soda with water and apply it over the surface of the tiles. Then wait for several minutes and start moping using a soft cloth. After that, you can wash the tiles with clean water. Watch your Moroccan tiles that start to shine again.

Are Moroccan tiles easy to clean?

Ans: It is not easier to clean Moroccan tiles like other traditional tiles. Since Moroccan tiles are handmade and come with uneven shapes, so cleaning these tiles can be trickier. You must clean them regularly using a soft cloth and gentle cleanser so that stains can not get into the tiles. 


Regular cleaning and proper maintenance help you keep your Moroccan tiles in excellent condition. Here, we have provided a few tips that you can follow to preserve the shine and aesthetic of your tiles. 

If you are concerned about your Moroccan tiles then do not apply any specific cleansing method without having proper knowledge. In that case, you can take any professional’s advice or take guidance from the manufacturer.