20 Must-Have Designer Coffee Table Books to Spruce Up Your Living Room Decor

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Coffee Table Books

A fancy coffee table book collection is all the rage these days. When you have guests and want to show off your aesthetic and fashion interests nothing beats some excellent designer coffee table books. 

In this article, we present you with the top twenty coffee table book decor ideas and some of the best designer coffee table books that will breathe life into your living room and will be great conversation starters. 

What is a DESIGNER coffee table book decor?

When we are talking about designer coffee table books decor, we are talking about books as a decorative element in the interior design of an overall aesthetic of the room. It doesn’t only show off your personality but also gives a unique touch to your living room

Why do you need a designer coffee table books decor? 

This is a must-have for people who like visual appeal in their home, these books are designed very beautifully and contain high-quality illustrations. They not only add a layer of sophistication and elegance but is also a great tool for personal expression. 

People who have a great aesthetic sense and are into fashion are especially mindful of interior decor so it comes in handy as a great tool to practice one’s creativity. It also offers a great way to start one’s conversations. 

20 must-have designer coffee table books 

In this section, we will discuss the exclusively curated list of the top twenty coffee table books that can add spice and substance to your living area. Let’s turn some pages!

1. Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton 
Image- Pottery Barn

Louis Vuitton by Virgil Abloh is a phenomenal creation. Virgil was a highly influential designer and is famous for music, art, and the fashion industry.

He worked at Louis Vuitton and became known for his bold fashion of mixing streetwear with high fashion, Every coffee table needs this book. 

2. Great Escapes USA: The Hotel Book 

Great Escapes USA: The Hotel Book 
Image- Cherish

Great Escapes is a splendid coffee table book that tells about luxurious retreats across the United States. it was published by Taschen who is a famous book publisher. 

It is a travel-focused book and takes you on quite a journey. across States into the world of luxurious hospitality. 

3. The Rihanna Book 

The Rihanna Book

This one is for all the music fans. A wonderful visual autobiography of the star herself RIHANNA! It contains insights and personal anecdotes about her life, fashion, and music. 

4. Ralph Lauren In His Own Fashion 

Ralph Lauren In His Own Fashion
Image- Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was a legendary designer who has a considerable impact on the fashion industry with his iconic style and inspirations. 

5. Vogue on Location: People, Places, Portraits 

Vogue on Location: People, Places, Portraits 
Image- Amazon. Com

This sweet coffee table book is a compilation of stunning vogue photographs that will capture your breath and teleport you into a world of some sublime moments in the history of the fashion industry. 

6. Palm Beach Assouline 

Palm Beach Assouline
Image- Amazon. Com

It is a great addition to a coffee table book decor when you are interested in a luxurious palm tree lifestyle, like all other books it captures scenic beauty and mesmerizing visuals about life and culture around beaches. 

7. Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses 

Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses 
Image- Farfetch

This one is a comprehensive collection of midcentury modern architecture featuring some of the most iconic houses around the world. 

8. William Morris Flowers 

William Morris Flowers 
Image- Illustrated Books

This is a beautiful coffee table book because of its captivating illustrations of the man himself William Morris. He is a famous designer and artist who created picturesque floral designs. 

9. Mother and Child

Mother and Child
image- Amazon. Com

This book contains the work of the photographer and author Claiborne Swanson Frank. The artist has explored what it means to be a mother in the twenty-first century. 

10. Taschen: Andy Warhol

Taschen: Andy Warhol
Image- Amazon. Com

All books by this renowned publishing house are great coffee table books. Andy Warhol was an iconic pop artist and this book offers a unique with polaroids taken by the artist. 

11. Assouline Louis Vuitton Manufacturers 

Assouline Louis Vuitton Manufacturers 
Image- Da Rocha Interiors

This book sheds light on the processing behind the Loius Vuitton Products. The artistry with which the products are made and served for quality. 

12. Remembering Diana

Remembering Diana
Image- Amazon Uk

This a biographical account of Diana’s life and legacy which shares insights from her personal life with anecdotes and photographs. 

13. Sig Bergamin Maxi-Malism 

Sig Bergamin Maxi-Malism 
Image- Ann Sandra

This coffee table book offers an insider look into the genius of Sig Bergamin and his interior design legacy with bold and vibrant designs which came to be known as the Maximalist approach. 

14. Phaidon Yoshitomo Nara

Phaidon Yoshitomo Nara
Image- Ann Sandra

This coffee table decor book is a monogram of an artist called Yoshimoto Nara and his unique emotive and stand-out artworks. 

15. The Life and Love of the Sea 

The Life and Love of the Sea 
Image- Amazon. Com

This breathtaking work depicts the magical life under the idea with its magnificence and grandeur, the photographer captures the beauty of the sea in this little coffee table book.

16. Dior John Galliano 

Dior John Galliano
Image- Sag Harbor Book

This is a retrospective sketch of John Galliano from his years as a creative director of Dior which showcases his impact on the fashion industry with his innovative designs. 

17. Dogs Tim Flach  

Dogs Tim Flach
Image- Amazon. Com

It is a visual journey about the world of dogs which captures their variety, interests, and of course adorable and cute personalities. A perfect coffee table book if there’s made any. 

18. Vogue: The Covers 

Vogue: The Covers
Image- Poshmark

Now this is a must-have for any photography and fashion enthusiasts. It offers a collection of iconic Vogue magazine covers that show the evolution of the fashion industry. 

19. The Art Book by Phaidon Press

The Art Book by Phaidon Press
Image- eBay

This staple coffee table book is another must but for artists, it offers a collection of all the famous artworks with insightful notes on them. Not only that it captures the artworks throughout history. 

20. Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs 

Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs 
Image- Amazon. Com

This is a collection of the most iconic images captured by the famous photographer Steve McCurry. He is known for his work on human emotions, and stories. 


In this section we will discuss the most common frequently asked questions that the readers may have. 

What goes on Coffee Table?

A lot of things can be used as decor on your coffee table, most interior designers recommend fruits (real/fake), candles, and of course for fancy decor – coffee table books. 

Why coffee table books are good? 

They are good because they offer you a personalized touch along with a degree of elegance and sophistication in your taste and style.

They give you intellectual stimulation while offering you a collection of knowledge about your chosen field of interest. 

What makes a coffee table book unique? 

The things that make a coffee table book unique are bold designs, interesting texts, and amazing photography. They give people their unique tastes and show others a visual way of their art. 

How do you dress a coffee table with books? 

Keep the books in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Make sure you keep the largest book at the bottom for a strong base. Then build an ascending order. 


We hope you have liked our collection of the top twenty coffee table books for your living area. You can choose the ones which you like since we have tried to include a myriad of interests from fashion to photography, to music and art. 

If you have enjoyed our guide make sure to check out some of the other guides as well, especially when it comes to presenting you with the top recommendations.