Elevate Your Space with 20 Modern Hallway Panelling Ideas

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Hallway Panelling Ideas

Bought a new house and wondering how to make your hallway with a short passage look elevated.

Then how about improving your hallway look with a modern hallway panelling design that also makes your hallway passage appear spacious?

Lucrative offer enough, isn’t it?

With the advancement of modern technologies, The days of traditional wainscoting have gone.

Today interior designers, architects, and experts prefer to apply contemporary panelling designs on hallways that not only meet your home design and decoration requirements through creativity but also attract the glance of all visitors at first sight by exalting the limited passageway of your hallway and making it functional.

You might be surprised to know that we have got 20 such modern hallway panelling ideas for you that will turn the atmosphere of your home, especially the hallway, into a welcoming and revitalizing one.

Wanna explore those visually captivating and motivating hallway panelling ideas?

Okay, Let’s go…

The Art Of Hallway Panelling

Modern Hallway panelling never means that you create panels on the walls of your hallway and it’s over. The type of ambience you want to create in your hallway always matters.

Some people like to design and decorate their hallway passages in a sophisticated and refined manner while others want to give their hallways a rustic charm.

Selecting the proper art form for your hallway panelling is the most important thing here.

Only an expert can identify the type of art form that suits your hallway the most and so, only after discussing with various professionals, we have gathered the courage to bring before you the twenty top-rated modern hallway panelling ideas, that will impart enough value to the underestimated hallway passage of your home and make it functional.

The various modern arts of hallway panelling include the involvement of myriad geometrical shapes, contemporary textured coverings, etc.

These arts give your home a unique aesthetic touch that will make every visitor to your home fall for it.  

Choosing The Right Materials

Choosing the right material always matters when it comes to elevating your hallway passage space with a modern panelling system.

The right type of panelling system gives an extraordinary touch of elegance to your hallway passage area’s visual appeal and ensures perfect space utilization along with its longevity. 

Before choosing the materials, you need to decide what type of visual you want to impart to your hallway passage and plan the material for the modern hallway panelling accordingly.

Each type of material has its visual characteristics.

For example, if you choose to panel your hallway walls with wood, it will make the area look warm and cosy.

A metallic-finished panelled wall will give your house the charismatic dignity for which you have been craving for so long.

Similarly, eco-friendly vintage-themed panelling uses various kinds of hand-made, sustainable (for example, reclaimed wood, bamboo, etc.), and organic materials to give creativity its wings and your home its deserved honour. 

Remember, always choose materials that apart from looking beautiful, enhance the robustness of your passage walls so that you can save them from even small wear and tear that they can face in the long go.

Also, go for the materials for your modern hallway panelling that you can take care of and clean easily.

So, in the choice of materials for hallway panelling, never compromise with quality while getting distracted by their beauty because sustainability and other facilities also matter. 

20 Modern Hallway Panelling Ideas Picked By Us

1. Geometric Elegance

Want sophisticated modern hallway panelling ideas that will modernize the space perfectly and make it visually soliciting?

Then, geometric elegance is your ideal suit. Use clean lines, angles, triangles, etc for making your ideal Panels. Use contrasting colours and keep everything surrounding the panels minimal.

Complement the panels by keeping some simple-to-look furniture or decorative items nearby them. To keep the panels clean and maintain them regularly, dust the panels every day.

Never use any harsh chemicals or cleaners on those panels as they will gradually lose their finish and luster because of it.  

Expected Price– Depends on the type of material used (mostly budget-friendly).

2. Wooden Wonders

Wanna impart warmth and cosiness to your hallway passage along with attractive textures? Then, choosing wooden panels for your hallway is the best option.

The timeless and luxurious look the wood panels will give is enough to leave all of our guests awestruck. The best wood panels are the horizontal and the vertical ones.

Using wooden panels in your hallway gives a rich look. Any neutral furniture goes well with this look. Place some green plants for the best effect.

To keep the panels clean, dusting the panels every day is a good option. You can maintain the wood’s lustre by polishing it regularly. Keep the wooden panels safe from any scratches. 

Expected Price– A bit expensive if the wood used is hardwood. On the contrary, normal wooden panels cost relatively less. 

3. The Magic Of Monochromes

Never underestimate the power of monochromatic panels…you know, they can do wonders when it comes to elevating your hallway passage!

It imparts a distinctive glamour to your hallway design and makes it look simple yet super-stylish.

The shades are unlimited for modern hallway panelling ideas and you can choose whichever you like!

You can incorporate textures within them to enhance the look. Purchase same-coloured furniture and other items to match the look. As regards the cleanliness of these panels, A little bit of regular touch-ups is okay.  

Expected Price– The price is not too high nor too low if you use paints and wallpapers to create those panels. However, using custom materials makes it expensive.  

4.  3D (Three-Dimensional) Delight

Wanna make your hallway passage eye-catching for visitors using modern hallway panelling ideas?

Then what’s the better way to do it other than incorporating 3D panels on your hallway walls?

The profoundness of these panels adds an unusual enthralling grace to your hallway, so much that hardly any individual’s eyes will miss it while entering your house.

You may further highlight the panels with eye-catching lights. Don’t put too much furniture near the hallway. Keep it simple. Clean the panels regularly and softly. Take the help of a soft brush. 

Estimated Price– The price of 3D panels is neither too low nor too high. 

5. The Lustre Of Metals

Metals look lustrous and so would be your hallway, once you incorporate such glamorous panels on your hallway walls.

The contemporary vibe they infuse into your walls is hard to resist. Keep the other decorations including that of the furniture muted.

Keep the curtains soft and simple. If you would like to hang some wall hangings on the wall, choose the metallic ones.

Save the metallic panels from getting tarnished in the long run by wooing them with soft cloths. You can also use cleaners that clean only metallic objects. 

Estimated Price– There is nothing fixed in the cost of metallic panels. Also, it depends upon the type of metal you use. 

6.  Artistic Expression

Want to express your creativity through the panel designs of your hallway walls?

Then, artistic modern hallway panelling is the best option that we could suggest. Choose any abstract design, a design that conveys your thoughts boldly, or anything you want.

Just infuse them artistically on your hallway canvas and see the magic! You can make the artwork more attractive by incorporating lights within them.

To keep your artistic panels safe and durable, keep them sealed. Never allow direct sunlight to touch your artistic panels as it can fade them. 

Estimated Price– Investment in custom materials will be expensive. In contrast, DIY options made with artistic skill are a good option and budget-friendly as well. 

7. Mirror Wonders

Mirrored modern hallway panelling is another option that you can choose for imparting a modern touch to your hallway passage and elevating it visually.

Yes, the selection of light on the mirrors will make your hallway look bigger than it is.

Mirrors get streaks easily. So, clean them every day. Also, never use any harsh chemicals on the mirror panels. Otherwise, your mirror’s reflective coating will get damaged. 

Estimated Price
– These types of panels are budget-friendly, though customized mirrors come at an expensive price.  

8. Bold Black Beautiful

Are you bored with the light-coloured walls of your house and wanna twist the look by incorporating dark black coloured panels on your hallway wall?

We suggest, just go for it! The modern aesthetic setting these dramatic panels will create in your hallway will make your house look luxurious just like the house of any celeb.

Choose glossy or matte, whichever finish you want.

But, don’t forget to decorate your hallway with metallic light-coloured wall hangings and other decors to get the best effect you want.

Keep painting the panels occasionally to rejuvenate the faded colour. Avoiding dust is important. So, regular cleaning is also necessary. 

Estimated Price- High-quality paints are expensive if used for colouring the panels. For normal paints, the costs are reasonable. 

9. Magic With Patterns

Patterned designs have never gone out of style and that’s why we want to reap the benefits of them while designing your home’s modern hallway.

Yes, choose any intricate patterned design (for example, Chevron, lattice, etc) for the visual elevation of your hallway passage, and the visible interest it will create in your hallway walls is worth praising.

Never place lavish furniture in the hallway with this modern hallway panelling. Keep them simple. Always be ready to repair any pattern promptly if it gets damaged.  Check if the patterns are in alignment with each other without any errors. 

Estimated Price– Normal patterned panels made through wallpaper pasting or painting are reasonable in price. However, intricate patterns cost more. 

10. Marbleized Masterpiece 

Wanna give an imperial grace to your hallway? Then, consider setting faux marble panels on your hallway walls.

The luxurious atmosphere these panels cultivate in your home will urge you to thank us later!

These marbleized masterpieces are enough to take your hallway allure to the height of sophistication. Keep the decoration minimal with this type of panelling.

Place furniture made of pure wood in the hallway to enhance the graciousness of the look.

The keep the panels clean, you need to wipe the dust and stains out of them every day. No use of harsh chemicals or cleaning substances is recommended. 

Estimated Price– Faux marble is not very expensive. However, the labour charge for installation may enhance your expenses. 

11. Nautical Vibes 

The beauty of the ocean is immense and holds the power to immerse you in it fully. So, how about choosing some blue and white-hued nautical panels for your hallway passage?

Good idea indeed, isn’t it? The shiplap designs in the panels will induce an atmosphere more of a coastal vibe and will impart a fresh and grand look to your house’s entrance passageway.

Enhance the nautical look by placing some oceanic theme home decor and artwork. These types of modern hallway panelling are prone to wear and tear.

So, keep a watch on the panels if they have any such marks. If you see such marks, renovate them by painting over them. 

Estimated Price– This type of panelling is cost-effective. 

12. Rustic Delight

Love nature and getting nurtured in its soothing lap? Then, you will like this pastoral-themed modern hallway panelling idea of ours.

No, don’t think that there’s everything related to nature in this design and nothing modern or sophisticated.

Not at all. This panelling design will be a mixture of pastoral and modern elements in a balanced proportion.

However, the rustic touch, that this hallway panelling design made of reclaimed wood comprises, radiates a unique charm to your household entrance.

Introduce cosy furniture in your hallway to fit well with the rustic environment.

Also, consider introducing some warm lighting. To make these panels durable, it is always suggested to seal the wood. It will impede splinters in the wood.

Also, keep these panels away from moisture and wipe them regularly to keep them clean. 

Estimated Price– The salvaged materials used to create these panels are not very expensive. However, the reclaimed wood needed may be a bit pricey. 

13. Futuristic Flair

Modern-day panelling involves cutting-edge designs. S panels made of futuristic substances are very much in vogue nowadays.

Such substances include any glossy entities (for example, acrylic) that are specialized in giving brilliance to the panelled setup.

Clean the modern hallway panelling setups every day. It will prevent smudges and keep the surfaces shining. 

Estimated Price– It depends upon what material you use. 

14. Textured Treats

Recently, textured panels have bloomed high in the market. This is because they possess the ability to enhance the visual creation of your entrance passage by apparently elevating its space.

Whether you choose inflated or any other woven patterns that interest you, you will get to know about their true power of beautification once you install them on your hallway walls.

Regular dusting is recommended for these panels. Don’t use any chemicals or harsh cleaners. 

Estimated Price– The type of textured materials decides the cost. Using textured wallpaper is a good and pocket-friendly option. 

15. Hidden Storage Finishes

Why only look forward to aesthetics and not usefulness when you can have both?

Yes, you can now decorate your hallway with modern hallway panels and make them functional at the same time by incorporating the hidden storage option.

Now, with this option, there will be no cluttering of objects here and there in your home as they will all be inside the storage spaces of the panels.

Don’t forget to apply oil to the moving parts of the storage drawers or cabinets. 

Expected Price– It depends upon the number of storage you make and how complex they are.  

16. Eco-Friendly Hallway Panelling

In modern days, the slogans of maintaining eco-friendly decorum are propagation everywhere.

So, why not take the idea of eco-friendliness and apply it while creating your hallway panels? After all, there’s no harm in choosing sustainable materials, such as bamboo, reclaimed wood, etc for constructing your panels. 

The modern elegance these materials will give to your hallway will leave you awestruck. Don’t believe us? well!

Try it yourself and feel the difference. Want some maintenance tips for this modern hallway panelling?

Never clean these eco-friendly panels with toxic materials or chemicals. Instead, adopt eco-friendly cleaning habits by dusting or wiping with a soft cloth.  

Expected Price– The sustainable materials used in this type of panel are expensive. However, it is worth it in the long run.  

17. Industrial Brick Or Stone Patterned Panelling

Industrial brick or stone patterned panelling is recently rocking the interior designing market. More and more customers are falling for these types of designs and are finding them a perfect fit for their household walls.

How about inscribing these brick or stone-designed modern hallway panelling setups on your hallway walls?

We can only say that it will change your hallway passage look for the better and at the same time make its space look elevated.

So, are you willing to give this raw urban edge touch to your hallway or would settle for less? 

Estimated Price– Exposed industrial panelling is expensive whereas brick-themed wallpapers come in budget. 

18. Play With Capricious Pattens 

Now excavate the playful sides of your modern hallway panelling by incorporating playful patterns (polka dots, checkered lines, chevron, etc) on its walls in the form of panels.

These patterns will highlight the vibrant atmosphere of your household entranceway in a unique way.  

Expected Price– It depends upon the material used.  

19.  Focal Point Focusing Trends

Don’t like to panel the entire wall of your hallway? Hakuna Matata! You have already the option to panel a specific area and focus only on that area for decoration.

Yeah, you can do a statement modern hallway panelling of that region by choosing a flashy colour. Also, you can choose soul-touching patterns to decorate the panel. 

Estimated Price– It depends upon the material used.  

20. Technology Integrated Solutions

When aesthetics is combined with technology, the result is always awesome. And, that’s why we endeavour to pick up and present this technology-integrated solution before you.

We hope it has given you enough idea to select beautifully designed and lighted panels for your hallway that not only make your hallway look smart but also lend useful service of offering enough light in the darkness. 

Estimated Price – These panels may be expensive.  


Hey! It’s time to revitalize your simple-to-look hallway with aesthetic and glamorous panels that are also functional. By inscribing modern hallway panels on your faded hallway walls, you will experience a new sense of love emerging in your heart for your long-neglected house.

So, choose the modern hallway panelling idea (bold, light, patterned, textured, or any other) that you think will suit your hallway wall the most and get set.