How much does a swimming pool cost to build aT home yard?

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We all love diving into the swimming pool to cherish the refreshing comfort after a hot day.

Having an outdoor pool in your home yard comes as a privilege! So, if you are planning to install one of these pools in your home yard, this guide is for you.

Have you been wondering how much a swimming pool costs? This is a key deciding factor, as you need to budget and plan your expenses accordingly.

Installing a swimming pool is an enticing idea. The cost of installing a swimming pool in the UK depends on several factors.

We are going to explore these deciding elements, that would help you get a better idea of the overall expenses.

The average cost of building an outdoor pool in the UK

The cost of building an outdoor swimming pool in the UK ranges from £20,000 to £100,000. In some cases, lavish pools with luxury features can even cost you more. The features installed, size, and type of pool go a long way in deciding this price.

Moreover, the cost of building a swimming pool can vary from one location to the next. This depends on the labour costs, materials, and the level of customization.

Moreover, when you wonder how much a swimming pool costs, factor in the fees of electricians and plumbers. Pipework, access to wastewater drains, type of soil, and surveying your yard before installing the pool also constitute crucial overheads.

Considering all these factors, you can consider the average pool installation cost in the UK to be around £85,000.

Factors deciding the cost of building the outdoor pool

Explore the key factors that decide the cost of building an outdoor swimming pool.

Shape and size of the pool

What type of swimming pool do you want to build in your yard? Building an infinity pool can cost you more than £100,000, along with all the amenities around it. On the other hand, ordinary pools cost lesser.

While building a larger pool, you would need more labour and materials. This can escalate the expenses significantly. Again, if you want a custom-built pool or one with an irregular shape, the project would involve more intricate work. This would increase the project’s complexity and cause the expenses to spike.

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The material used

The three main types of swimming pools include fibreglass pools, vinyl-lined pools, and concrete pools.

  • Fiberglass pools: These swimming pools are pre-manufactured, and consist of a one-piece shell. Professional installers lower this shell into a pre-excavated space in your yard. This makes fibreglass pools easy to install. They also need less maintenance, and you get a smooth surface. The customization options of these pools are limited. Compared to vinyl-lined pools, the initial cost of installation tends to be high.
  • Concrete pools: Concrete swimming pools are known for their long life and flexibility of design. During construction, the installers excavate the yard in the shape of the pool. Next, they get the structure reinforced with steel. One of the key perks of concrete pools is your freedom to customize them with various finishes and features. However, constructing these pools requires more time and skilled labour.
  • Vinyl-lined pools: Vinyl-lined pools come with a flexible liner, which has to be placed over a pre-fabricated structure. Typically, this should be made of polymer, aluminium, or steel. Compared to concrete pools, vinyl-lined pools are less expensive. However, you need to get them replaced every five to ten years. Customization options are also fewer, but you can get them tailored depending on different shapes and sizes.
  • Site preparation and excavation: The complexity of the excavation and the site condition goes a long way in affecting the swimming pool construction cost. Here are some aspects to consider while calculating the cost.
  • Challenging terrains: In case your yard has uneven terrain, a high water table, or rocky soil, excavators need to put in much more effort. This implies that the site preparation and excavation tasks are going to be complex, leading to cost escalations. With soil tests and professional assessments, you can determine whether your yard is suitable for building a pool on it.
  • Landscaping and levelling: Professional installers may recommend you get the yard levelled before building the pool. To enhance visual pleasure, you may also consider landscaping the area around your pool. Consider the cost of removing plants, installing retaining walls, or re-grading the soil.


Now that you are wondering how much a swimming pool costs with additional features, let’s check out what else you can install.

How about installing water features, lighting, pool heating systems, decking, and landscaping? Each of these overheads can add up to the cost. If you have a taste for refined aesthetics, you would love to have some of these features around your swimming pool. Accordingly, talk to one of the reputed installers in the UK and get a quote for building your swimming pool.