What are the 10 Unique Boho Home Decor Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Editor Niki

Boho Home Decor Ideas

If you are looking for boho home decor ideas that will create an artistic ambience in your home then this blog is for you.

From adding bold colours to patterns to introducing natural elements, these boho decor ideas offer your living space a creative and aesthetic vibe. 

If you are looking to revamp your bedroom, living room, or outdoor areas then this article is for you.

Here, in this blog, I am going to provide plenty of inspiration for enhancing your inner bohemian and incorporating a more convenient approach to your home decor.

Let’s dive into the deep!

What is Bohemian home decor?

The term ‘bohemian’ is deeply rooted in history. this word comes from the French word from the Bohemian region of the Czech region.

The homes of the bohemians are an amazing blend of different design styles. The bohemian interior is all about creating a comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing, and warm atmosphere. The homes and spaces that are designed with boho inspiration, have a lived-in feel to them. 

You can bring an eclectic touch to your cosy spaces by adding your favourite colours, textures, and unique decor ideas. This interior design style does not follow the one-look-fits-all concept, so you can bring a personalized appeal into your spaces. 

What is excluded from the boho interior?

Perfectionism is not anywhere in the boho interior style, it is all about creating a free livable atmosphere. Bohemian interior style does not follow any home decor rule, and minimalism is not preferred here. bohemian homes don’t follow any matchy-matchy home decor style at all. 

Boho interior is all about creating a style that reflects your own creativity, personality, and style. So, just by making a bit of changes to your space, you can bring the charm of Bohemian home decor vibe to your home. 

10 Unique Boho Home Decor Ideas:

1. Opt for Vintage Furniture:

Opt for Vintage Furniture
Image- Rawpixel

The primary requirement of any boho home decor style is comfort. Instead of picking contemporary or neutral-tone furniture, you can look for a sofa, couch, or any other sitting arrangement that has a character to it. 

You can pick a vintage-style couch that comes with unique carving and colourful upholstery, it can be a great addition to your boho-inspired living room.

Also, you have the freedom of creativity, so you can add different styles of furniture to add a cohesive look.

2. Illuminate with unique Lighting:

Illuminate with unique Lighting
Image- Di Emme

You can add a layered lighting design such as ambient, task, or accent lights; these are effective for designing any space including boho-inspired homes.

Also, a boho-inspired room can feature impressive light fixtures such as stained glass lanterns, candles, wicker lamps, and more. 

You can get boho-inspired lights for your home in any vintage or flea market in the UK. it will be easier to add radiance to your home through these boho-inspired lights.

3. Go For varied Textures:

Go For varied Textures
Image- Foyr

Boho-inspired cosy spaces will always appear cosy and warmer, thanks to the addition of varied textures.

From weathered furniture pieces, colourful upholstery, wall paint, macrame wall hangings, throw cushions, and utility baskets, to planters; there are plenty of textures that you can introduce into your home. 

So, just pick one or more textures and bring some charm of boho home decor styles into your cosy spaces now!

4. Showcase Unique Objects:

Showcase Unique Objects
Image- Mirraw Blog

If you are someone who loves to bring back souvenirs and curios from your travels then it is the right time to showcase them. In your boho-inspired home, your guests often find some never-before-seen objects. 

These souvenirs include handmade tapestries, pottery objects, ceramic plates, crystals, sculptures, colourful stones, and whatever you have sourced from different places during your tours. You can create a curious zone in a bohemian room.

Now you can place these objects beautifully on a side table or inside a cabinet in your boho-themed home  

5. Lots of  Plants:

 Lots of  Plants
Image- The Spruce

A bohemian-style home decor will never be completed without a touch of nature. So, you can place some indoor plants, and it is a must-decor accessory for your boho-inspired space. We can look for a variety of plants such as ferns, money plants, creepers, succulents, and more.

One can also pick plants according to their personal choice, actually, there is no rule for choosing plants. You can nestle the plants into attractive planters.

You can place them on furniture like coffee tables, window sill, and side cabinets. These places can be elevated with indoor plants. 

If there is any dull or free space in your home then you can cover the space with a tall indoor plant. Thus, you can create a green corner in your home with some selective house plants. 

6. Add What you Like:

Add What you Like
Image- Foyr

Boho home decor ideas offer you the freedom of creativity to add what you like. you can introduce a perfect blend of modern and vintage decor objects in your space.

You can flaunt various objects such as wall art, sculpture, mandala tapestry, also any objects that define you in bold letters.

In addition, if you follow a specific hobby or you are a fan of DIY objects then you can fearlessly present the same in your boho-inspired home.

7. Pick attractive patterns:

Boho Home Decor Ideas
Image- Homes & Gardens

If you want to add some eye-catching styles into your home then you can go forward with some impressive prints and patterns.

These impressive prints and patterns make the boho-style spaces visually appealing. As a homeowner, you totally have the liberty to add prints and patterns of your choice. You can introduce prints and patterns through soft furnishings, decor objects, and wall design.

There is a variety of patterns to choose from, that includes floral, geometrical, abstract, vintage, and more. So, you must choose the pattern of your home decor that defines your personality.

There is no hard and fast rule to feature one pattern in a single space or room, instead, you can place a variety of prints and patterns together for a gathered look!

8. Add Alternative Seating:

Add Alternative Seating
Image- Wayfair

Boho souls love to create a cosy corner in their homes for writing, reading, or leisure. You can add a cane accent chair, a hammock, or a floor cushion to make it a perfect choice for alternative seating. 

you can bring some easy-to-shift items to form a lovely creative look in your home. 

9. Layer Rugs:

 Layer Rugs:
Image- The Spruce

Boho home decor is all about texture and patterned rugs. Most of the floors of Boho-inspired homes are in shades of brown. So, if your floor is white or any other colour then you can introduce lots of different patterned rugs to complete the look.

This patterned layer rug arrangement can be also used as a cosy sitting arrangement as well.

10. Colorful Pillows:

Boho Home Decor Ideas
Image- Pinterest

If you introduce coloured and patterned pillows into your boho-style home, then it will make a huge difference to the entire boho aesthetic. You can also bring some personalized aesthetics into this home decor idea

However, you can opt for muted tones or coloured ones as they both can fit appropriately. So, just get colourful pillows from the market and introduce some bohemian vibe into your cosy space. 


How do you make a boho vibe in your home?

Ans: Colorful and bold patterns are the hallmark of bohemian home decor style. You can incorporate bohemian style into your bedroom by introducing colourful pillows, layering patterned rugs, and placing indoor plants. You must choose a variety of prints and patterns by sticking to a similar colour palate to keep the look consistent.

What are examples of bohemian-style decor?

Ans: Colorful and patterned walls, books, vases, and indoor plants capture a bohemian vibe. You can layer the areas with rugs to give a room more texture. Moreover, sprinkling some patterns everywhere is the key to introducing bohemian style into your home decor.

What are 5 boho colours?

Ans: Some of the most common colours in boho-inspired home decor are brown, yellow, light grey, white, blue, and red. Boho just finds a way to let the colours work and look effortlessly cohesive. 


If you have fallen in love with the bohemian home decor trend and want to introduce it to your home too then here is the solution. Yes, boho-inspired rooms are also more approachable to me too. That is why I have put together a few inspiring and impressive boho-inspired home decor ideas.

However, You can start with one or more ideas from this list and create a boho mesh of style. Embrace the boho-inspired aesthetic that blends with a personalized style. Enjoy this warmer ambience of your home!