The Ultimate Guide to Coastal Living Room Decor: Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration

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Coastal Living Room

The living room is the place of our home where we relax and rest, so it makes sense to emulate the carefree vibe of beach days. The tips behind the coastal living room idea are all about simplicity, natural textures, and calming colours.

Coastal living room decor ideas draw on the colours of the sea and shores. Landscapes, and architecture of beachside locations, whether on the east or west coast or more distant shores.

To décor coastal your living room you need to choose patterns, textures, and colours that will go perfectly with the beachside locations. You may prefer to stick to off-white or neutral walls, or soft furnishing with the cool shades of blue.

Here, in this guide, I am going to provide some very effective tips, tricks, and inspiration about your coastal living room décor ideas.

Let’s get into the deep!

Coastal living room decor ideas:

#1. Keep your living room bright and breezy with light curtains:

You can bring softness, and calm, relaxed, and breezy feel into the living room by picking curtains of lightweight floaty fabrics. These curtains will be the perfect finishing touch to a coastal décor theme; additionally, these curtains will help to maintain the balance of the strong tonal contrast.

#2. You can put a holiday feeling with plants:

Coastal Living Room

No living room can go perfect without plants, some striking foliage is the perfect way to create an easy-breezy style that reminds you of the beach holidays. You can add tall potted plants whether real or fake, which is a great way to recapitulate an outdoor feeling.

You can use houseplants that are heavy in green foliage and also you can look for pieces that have leaves with bold architectural shapes. These will accentuate the natural art and create interesting shadows and shapes when they hit the light.

#3. Go with wooden flooring:

Coastal Living Room

To put a coastal effect into your living room you must put attention to the floor too. The floor has a great impact on the space. You can go for wood flooring or if you want to soften the space then you can add jute rugs.

Wood is the perfect way to go with coastal living room décor ideas if you want to nail down the coastal theme. For décor, your living room light oak can be the perfect colour choice with its easygoing drifting vibes.

You can opt for oak effect vinyl flooring tiles as these are so natural looking, you will forget it is not real wood.

#4. Make your coastal look contemporary:

You can create a modern, understated coastal look by layering key design features. You can opt for white-washed clapboard walls. When you are looking for coastal living room décor ideas, lean towards striped, and coastal-inspired wooden furniture, loose linen-covered soft furnishings create a coastal feel.

You can bring seascape artwork and drifted wood accessories to create the seaside vibe without making it too themed.

#5. You can try a palette of azure and terracotta:

Coastal Living Room

If neutral and muted are not for you, you can go forward with a bold colour combo of azure and terracotta can be perfect for your living room colour schemes. According to some design managers, these two hues offer a timeless appeal when combined.

It will make a reflection between land and sky, these calming pair of colours will capture a mood of escapism inspired by the Mediterranean coastlines.

#6. Create a laid-back scheme of sun-bleached hues:

Be inspired by nature and coastal walks for a calming, and relaxed look grounded by neutral living room décor ideas. To put a bright and light effect, you can opt for delicate floral wallpapers of fabrics with a moderate inky blue silhouette.

Team them with tricking stripe fabrics and pops of rusty orange. Hot oranges will go perfectly on the traditional red, white, and blue coastal colour schemes.

Reference the seaside with a presentation of beach-themed accessories, along with shell fabrics, art print, and seaweed. You can choose distressed-style furniture in pale shades of wood, then you can pile high with patterned cushions. A clean floor, such as wooden laminate in a light grain, is perfect for beachside living.

#7. Contrast with modern furniture:

Coastal Living Room

Sophisticated and subtle is the key to coastal living room décor ideas. In this living space, you can opt for the minimal presence of the coastal theme will go perfectly with coastal living room décor ideas.

Bringing inky blue accessories alongside natural seagrass textures is perfect for a sprinkling of maritime style. But that is not mean that you have to be traditional with furniture and colour schemes.

As the trends evolved, you can see more and more new furniture shapes that can help you to bring new life into existing themes.

#8. Be bold with marine blue:

Paint the room with a mix of blue hues to put the effect of the coastal scheme with a modern twist. Paint the walls of your living room to bring the space to life. You can bring a blue sofa as a part of the coastal living room.

The sofa will go perfectly with other shades of blue in the room. It will create a harmonious, layered look that will be amazingly offset with pale tones and warm neutrals. This combination of soothing tones is an amazing thing to turn your living room into a relaxing hideaway.


What are the rules of coastal living room décor?

Ans: there is a 90/10 rule for décor an elevated coastal living room. 90 per cent of your living room should reflect the coastal environment through serene hues such as greys, blues, and neutrals.

10 per cent can be literal coastal, it includes decorative accents and arts.

What are the key elements of coastal living room décor ideas?

Ans: You can opt for lighter tones shades of green, beige, blue, and white to communicate a relaxed feel. It embraces casual furnishings slipcovered in natural layers to enhance the effect of a cosy living room.


The coastal living room décor ideas continue to be popular regardless of whether someone is living beside the sea. It is peaceful, laid back, and incorporates plenty of natural elements and texture.

If you are getting confused about your coastal living room décor ideas then just pick the above-mentioned tips and try them. Your guests will surely appreciate your effort and be overwhelmed by the beachside look.