Effortless Tips: How to Get Wax Out of Carpet Like a Pro

Editor Niki

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

Are you ready to learn how to get wax out of carpet?

This article is definitely for all the entertainment lovers who appreciate a lovely candlelight dinner. However, you cannot ignore the after-effects of the candle wax on the rugs. 

An ambience with candles lit all over, a beautiful evening, and the company of your partner is something you will cherish forever.

What about the dripping wax of those burning candles? Are those marks giving you tension after the night is over? Forget the worries now when you have the expert tips. 

Get used to applying the perfect tricks to clean your carpet. Moreover, the steps are very easy, and you will just need a few minutes to tackle the problem.

Get through this piece now and understand what you need to do to turn your carpet spotless. 

Make Your Carpet Wax-Free

Removing the wax from the carpet can be cumbersome if you are not confident about how to clean it.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to get wax out of the carpet to maintain the rug for a long time.

A costly piece of home decor cannot get wasted just because of candle wax. Of course, simple solutions are there to ensure a spot-free carpet in minutes. 

The basic steps for getting your carpet wax-free are as follows;-

  • Get ready with all the necessary materials required for cleaning purposes
  • Free the wax with ice
  • Now, scrape out the frozen ice with a knife
  • Iron the stain
  • Remove the wax bits 
  • Dry the carpet and clean it with a vacuum cleaner

Your carpet will be a glamorous piece of cloth once again after it is free of all wax. 

Get Wax Out Of The Carpet With Iron

Get Wax Out Of The Carpet With Iron
Image- Dengarden

I have mentioned above only the necessary steps that you should follow to clean the wax from the rugs. The best way is to use the iron and remove the wax effortlessly.

Here, I mentioned all the steps in full detail for your convenience. The tips for how to get wax out of the carpet with an iron will surely eliminate your tensions. 

You will need a sturdy iron, a cleaning cloth, and paper towels for the purpose. This method works excellently whether the wax is oil-based or resin-based.

So, enjoy the romantic date night fully, and never take the tension of cleaning your carpet the next day. 

So, grab the cloth and iron and go on your cleaning mission. 

Set the Temperature of Your Iron

Always keep your iron’s temperature low. High temperatures can destroy the carpet or make it rough. Sufficient heat will be enough to melt the wax stuck on the rug.

Synthetic work on carpets can get damaged due to excessive heat. Therefore, you have to be very cautious while using the iron. 

Melt The Wax With Heat

Take a paper towel and place it on the carpet’s area stained with wax. Use the iron on top of the towel to apply heat to the carpet.

This heat will ultimately melt the wax, thus helping in easy removal. However, you keep moving the iron so that it does not burn the carpet underneath.

Paper towels are preferable to cloth towels as you can dispose of them effortlessly. Moreover, you should change the paper towels frequently.

Otherwise, the absorbed wax will again spread on the rest of the carpet. If you ever get a burning smell, stop using the iron immediately. Resume only when the iron gets cool. 

Stain Remover Can Help

The third and last step is using a stain remover for faster cleaning of the wax. However, this is an additional activity when the carpet is dyed.

An artificial solution can be helpful for this purpose. Instead, you can also go with a natural alternative solution. 

Vinegar is a cost-effective idea to remove the stains. Prepare an effective solution with white vinegar, 2 cups of warm water, and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soup(liquid).

Mix every item very well. Now, blot the solution on the stained portion with the help of a paper towel.

However, you may use some amount of alcohol to rub on the stains, if it remains even after applying the vinegar solution. 

Get Wax Out Of The Carpet Without Iron

Are you perplexed as you do not have an iron? Is your iron not working, and you need to remove the stains from your carpet?

Listen to the amazing hacks without the use of an iron. It is easy to get wax out of the carpet without iron through a few effortless steps. 

Here, I will tell you that iron can have a wonderful replacement, too. You can use different household articles in their place to fulfil the purpose efficiently.

You have to be smart to handle the stains. Pressing the paper towels as in the previous method will not be essential in every case. 

Butter Knife

Image- Daily House Cleaning

This is a wonderful weapon to turn your stained carpet into a new and shining piece. Of course, anyone will try his/her hand first to get the dried wax out of the carpet.

However, if the situation is too tough, you need to use additional equipment. Scraping the wax with a butter knife is indeed a great idea. 

Freezing Method

Freezing Method
Image- Dengarden

Another classic way of removing the wax without iron is the freezing method. For this process, you will need some ice cubes, a plastic bag, and a knife.

You need to fill the bag with some ice cubes. Place it on the stained portion of the carpet. Now, gently press and remove the bag. You will notice that the area will get hard.

Take the knife and start scraping off the wax. Please be careful and ensure that the fibres of the rug remain intact.

If the wax is a big chunk, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. So, this method is very much similar to the iron one. 

Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer
Image- Ron Hazelton

Follow the steps of how to get wax out of the carpet with iron. The only difference is placing a hair dryer instead of the iron. Here also the temperature will be low.

You will not have any hassle removing the stains once they melt and sticking to the paper towel. Change the towels and let the carpet shine again. 


1. Can I use any other material in place of iron for generating heat?

Yes. You need to apply proportionate heat to remove the wax from the carpet. Therefore, a hairdryer can be an excellent alternative to the iron. However, in that case, also, you need to set a low power to control the heat generated. 

2. Can iron damage my carpet?

No. You have to place the iron on the paper towel and keep on changing the positions. This will spread the heat evenly without damaging the fibres or dyes of the carpet. 

Final Thoughts

I have given all the solutions for a stain-free carpet. Get rid of the wax easily by following any of the above tips. Be it a process with iron, or without iron, success is guaranteed.

Give surprises to your loved ones or decorate the room with several candles. The fragrance and illuminating ambience will genuinely make you smile. 

Remove the wax stains hassle-free from any kind of rug or carpet with only two or three steps. However, you may also take the help of cleaning professionals to complete the work faster