14 Stunning Bedroom Wall Art Stickers You Would Love

Editor Niki

Bedroom Wall Art Stickers

Nowadays, wall art stickers are a very popular way to decorate the walls.

Most people are interested in decorating their bedrooms in a way that can soothe their souls and relax their minds after a hectic schedule.

You can apply your own innovative ideas and creativity to choose wall art stickers from a wide variety.

So, if you are looking for ideas for stunning bedroom stickers then this article is for you. Here, in this article, I am going to wrap up 14 stunning bedroom wall art stickers you would love. 

So, let’s dive into the deep!

14 Trendy Bedroom Wall Art Stickers:

If you want to give a different look to your bedroom instantly then you must opt for trendy wall art stickers. Nothing can be easier and cooler than these options.

Here, I am going to provide 14 trendy bedroom wall art sticker options to choose from:

1. Geometric Wall Stickers for Bedroom:

Geometric Wall Stickers for Bedroom

Geometrical wall stickers come in repeating patterns and this wall art will be a great idea for smaller rooms.

Geometric Pattern is a very trendy wall sticker that you can find on Instagram or other social media posts. Geometric wall stickers come in an extensive range of patterns and colours that enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

So, you can try some unique and soothing patterns that make your brain feel relaxed and comfortable. You can go forward to pick any simple and abstract geometric patterns for your bedroom. 

2. Rustic Wood Planked Full Wall Stickers:

Rustic Wood Planked Full Wall Stickers

 A well-decorated bedroom should not give a cold vibe. A bedroom is your personal cosy space where you spend most of your time.

So, you can consider rustic wood-planked full-wall bedroom stickers to add some personal vibe to your room. 

At first sight, it will be difficult to understand whether the wall sticker is a giant wall sticker. This whitewashed bedroom wall sticker adds charm and texture to the blank wall.

3. Human Face Wall Stickers:

Human Face Wall Stickers

By selecting some classy wall stickers for your room you can achieve incredible results. You can choose a human face to add personality to your room.  While you are going forward with a human face you should not be required to include the entire face.

Instead, you can pick only the eyes or lips as these are very popular nowadays. These wall stickers look great on your bedroom walls. 

The colour and size of this wall sticker can be customized and it will give a super classy and chic look to your room.

4. Stone Wall stickers to Bedroom:

Stone Wall stickers to Bedroom

Most of us dream of giving a makeover to our bedroom so that it can turn into heaven.

So, while you are choosing a classy wall sticker for your room then one thing you should keep in mind. The wall sticker that you pick must be stylish and chic at the same time. 

If your bedroom has a high ceiling and it demands some extra decoration then you can go forward with a giant wall sticker that looks like an expensive stone wall. It will be eye-catching as well as enhance the beauty of your room.

5. Family Tree wall Sticker:

Family Tree wall Sticker

The family tree is an incredible wall sticker idea for large bedroom wall art. First, you need to apply the family tree sticker on the walls of your bedroom. Then you can add photos of your family members in a specific place of the wall art.

This wall sticker idea will create an extremely cosy atmosphere in your bedroom. 

If you have a big family then you can pick this wall art design. This is a creative alternative to using photo frames on the wall to decorate the same.

6. Wall Mural Full Wall Stickers:

Wall Mural Full Wall Stickers

A well-decorated bedroom enhances your physical and mental health. Wall stickers are an important element to give your bedroom a fantastic look.

Everyone is fond of wall paintings and artworks. So if that look you can give to your room without nail holes, it will be great.

So, you can look for a high piece of artwork to fill the space around your flat-screen TV.  Also, it is one of the fantastic bedroom wall art above the bed.

A wall mural adds a lot of charm to your bedroom and turns a plain bedroom into a work of art.

7. Floral Motifs Wall Sticker:

Floral Motifs Wall Sticker

Floral motifs are one of the great picks for filling the blank space of your bedroom. These wall stickers can go perfectly in any setting from vintage to modern.

These black and white floral stickers are soothing for your soul. It is great for your mental health. 

Floral motifs will give a touch of elegance to your bedroom and enhance the beauty of your room.

8. Mandala Wall Stickers:

Bedroom Wall Art Stickers

If you do not have enough time to repaint your bedroom walls then you can give these walls a newer look by picking mandala wall stickers.

This mandala wall art design will change the entire look of your bedroom. You can add a boho and modern look to your bedroom by choosing mandala wall stickers. 

Technical mandala designs were never made so easily!

9. LOVE wall sticker for bedroom:

LOVE wall sticker for bedroom

The wall stickers with Love and hearts are very popular among young couples. These are the best bedroom wall sticker ideas that can be customized as well.

There is an extensive range of colours, patterns, and designs available in the market, so you can easily pick the best-suited one. 

You can go forward with vintage floral patterns as these stickers will look fantastic in your bedroom.

10. Feather Wall Sticker For Bedroom:

Feather Wall Sticker For Bedroom:

If you have dark-colored walls in your bedroom then you can pick white feathers. Choosing white feathers in contrast to dark walls acts as a statement and also looks very classy and elegant.

These white feathers will decorate your bedroom wall in a simple yet modern way. 

Also, if you want to give your room a colourful look then you can use colourful feathers as well. 

11. Birds on a branch wall sticker:

Birds on a branch wall sticker

Birds connect your brain to nature as well. So, if you go forward with a wall sticker that connects you to nature then don’t look further.

Birds on a branch wall sticker will liven up your bedroom by bringing the outdoors into your room in an amazing way. 

This wall sticker acts as your love for nature and speaks about your sophistication. This bedroom wall sticker is simple yet classy.

12. Forest wall stickers for bedroom:

Forest wall stickers for bedroom

If your bedroom walls are quite large then you can choose forest wall stickers. But while choosing, you should keep in mind that this wall sticker should cover your entire wall.

The giant wall mural with the forest image will make your bedroom more relaxing and peaceful. 

This piece of art will add a touch of nature to your room.

13. Puzzle Wall Stickers:

Bedroom Wall Art Stickers

If you are someone who loves to solve puzzles then you can pick puzzle stickers for decorating your bedroom.

These puzzle stickers will look unique to your bedroom wall while adding some modern and high-tech interiors. 

This wall sticker goes appropriately with your bedroom walls if you want to give a totally different look to your walls.

There is an exclusive range of patterns, colours, and designs of puzzle wall stickers to choose from.

14. Cityscape Wall stickers for Bedroom:

Cityscape Wall stickers for Bedroom

If you enjoy the dynamics of cities then you can consider a wall mural with a landscape of your favorite city. It acts as a photograph of the city. T

his is an amazing way to build up your own metropolitan paradise in your bedroom.

This wall sticker enhances the beauty and pride of the room. Your bedroom will have a completely different look from others. 


Are wall stickers a good idea?

Ans: Wall art stickers are one of the most easiest and inexpensive ways to decorate your room. These wall stickers give your room a completely different look. 

What do people use wall stickers for?

Ans: Wall stickers can be used for a variety of purposes. People often use these stickers to decorate certain portions of their homes. Also, if you have certain portions in your room that got damaged or faded away then you can use these stickers to hide them.

Are wall stickers waterproof?

Ans: The wall stickers are made of self-adhesive paper and PVC that are completely waterproof and non-toxic.

Are wall stickers easy to apply?

Ans: Applying wall stickers to your room is an easier way to add a new style to your home. These wall stickers are designed for fast application and make home decor as simple as possible. 


Bedroom wall art stickers have become an integral part of your bedroom decor ideas. These are excellent substitutes for various traditional wall arts. You should pick the perfect wall art sticker for your bedroom that suits to your personality, style, and taste. 

These wall art bedroom stickers are also effective to cover up even the most damaged, or faded part of your room. Here, we have provided top 14 bedroom wall art stickers, You can pick one or more from the list to give your room a completely different look!